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  1. I was thinking video light not a strobe. Just a little light to bring out the colors. Nothing to intense because I realize that with only one light the particulates will show up. I know the correct way is to have to lights angled in but trying to keep the rig more compact. Thanks for your input.
  2. I should add that this is a package deal. I can't piece it out. Thanks for looking!
  3. For Sale: Nauticam housing for Lumix GH5 with 8-18mm lens. Housing has 2 dives. Super clean with no scratches, dings or wear. Bought last October. Just didn’t use it. Camera is NOT included. Paid $5049 asking $4000 plus shipping. The parts are all listed on the original invoice. I am a business owner and can take credit cards.
  4. Anybody have any good suggestions for using 1 light for a nauticam housing with gh5 and a wide angle lense (8-18mm)?
  5. What size pelican cases do you use for your underwater rig? Thanks!
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