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  1. Thanks for all the pictures and helpful advice. I think I can manage to DYI a strap similar to the one pictured. Great idea. I was also thinking of using a Velcro strap to secure the Strobe to the tray to keep it from flopping (swinging) about. It may be unnecessary but I was wondering if any one else does the same. I have attached a picture. What is not in the picture that I also have is a Ball clamp on the left tray ball attached to a 5" arm, clamp and focus light.
  2. Hi, I am a diver living in East Tennessee near Knoxville Tennessee. I am Naui certified in Advance Diver, Nitrox, and Open water. I have been diving since 2010 and have drove all over the Caribbean. I just hit the mark of 200 dives at the Coco View Resort in Roatan. Have been reading the forum for a few months and it seems to have great information being shared by serious divers.
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