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  1. Hi people, I am an oceanographer and divemaster and I work full time with underwater photos and videos in Tenerife for over a year. I already used several car paint thickness gauge topics in here to help with equipment maintenance and tips, but just recently got to actually make an account for myself. Better later than never? Cheers.
  2. Hello everyone,, Did a dive off St. Thomas today and visibility was at least 100 ft. My average depth was about 65 ft., I did not use my MAGICFILTER because I knew that I would exceed the 12m recommended max depth and I have no external strobe. I tried using the evaluative white balance setting using my white swim trunks with some improvement. My shots are still coming out very blue, especially when shooting subjects are 10 ft. or more away. Are there any 800 IS users that can give me some on which settings when at depths of 40 ft. or more using ambient light? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone,, There seem to be at least several macro lenses available for the OM-D E-M5: a 60mm f2.8, a 45mm 1.8 Zuiko and a 45mm f2.8 Panasonic. There may be other choices. I'm thinking about giving one of them to kfish for Christmas. She has the Nauticam E-M5 housing. Will I need to get another port, or will her port for the 12-50mm zoom work? Anyone have any factual advice to offer about lens choice? Thanks,.
  4. Hello everyone,,, Shots of Bruce Yates were taken by yours truly with crappy little Canon Rebel XT He was lots of fun on this year's Shark Expedition and after that trip I'll bet he created a "checklist" for extension rings for his Seacam housing Luckily I had a "spare" 77mm B&W diopter for him to try, although I think he stopped using it after seeing no big difference with his Canon 17-40L lens. Hmmm.....Maybe this combo didn't NEED the extension ring anyway! Sorry to be off topic, just recalling lots fun getting close to sharks.
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