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  1. Hi Karyll, thanks for the feedback. I was undecided between the YS-D2s and the upcoming Retras. But for travelling the Sea&Seas are not as heavy and what I read so far, the YS-D2Js appear to be a lot more reliable compared to former models.. Guess I will give them a try finally. Cheers
  2. Wonderful pictures. How do you like the YS D2s performance wise? I am asking behause you mentioned „poor results“ or was this just concerning support? Looking at your pictures performance is pretty good.
  3. Hi, I've been diving since 1995, mainly in lakes as I am from Austria (close to lake of constance) but I live in vienna Right now. My main diving spots are of course in europe and all over asia. I have always been fascinated by wrecks, which was also one of the reasons I started technical diving quite a few years ago. In my spare time I used to do a lot of analog photography (incl. all the darkroom work etc.) but I started underwater photography this year and that's why I ended up here, as it is a great place for knowledge exchange. Cheers, Klaus
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