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  1. Its amazing how far we have come. Now we are complaining about "ONLY" having 4:4:4 12bit RAW via external recorder. This is order of magnitudes better then we had 10 years ago. I am now locked into the Canon ecosphere so this is not for me, but geez, 12bit 4:4:4 is pretty darn good from a camera of this size.
  2. Second this. I just travelled from Amsterdam to Cape Town with a lot of camera gear/housing etc. I decided that a hard shell case that can be locked was the way to go. I bought a Samsonite case in Amsterdam for the princely sum of 219 Euro! Expensive as it was, it was a lot cheaper then losing my beloved lenses and the Seacam housing Harold just sent up to Amsterdam for me. While looking for a hard shell suitcase I saw several that had a hard shell but with zips to close the two shells together. No good. A thief could just cut through the Zip material and gain access to the internals of the bag. The Samsonite I bought is light weight but has two hard plastic shells that close together and are hinged with hard plastic hinges and then has a lock where the front handle is. This is the only way to stop pilfering of your bag on flights. Its not 100% fool proof - the whole bag can just disappear - but that's a whole lot harder for baggage handlers to pull off - Vs breaking into a bag and grabbing something and then pushing the bag back onto a conveyor belt to go on its way. sorry for your loss - its a horrible feeling to discover your stuff has been stolen.
  3. Super interesting thread and details here on the 5C. This thread will be a reference to this camera underwater for years to come. I've just picked up the 1DC in unmarked condition with 2000 shutter clicks - like new and had a Seacam 1DC housing refurbished from the factory. The 1DC @ 4K : 422 has incredible colour rendering. But it seems like this setup is light years away from the 5DC. I also have a C200 housing but no cam yet - on the hunt for a good one. Looking at all the 5C stuff in this thread and online it seems like I have gone the right way - down the Canon rabbit hole for underwater. For a while there it seemed like Canon had lost its way but they are back with a vengeance with the 5C. Its incredible how fast things are moving with video capture.
  4. I am headed down to CT in the next days. If you still have it by then, lets link up so i can see if it suits my needs.
  5. Because they can and they are GOING too. Because they can and they are GOING too ! Maybe Seacam will come out with something. Will be a similar price but Seacam quality. Nauticam prices have escalated rather Sharpley lately.
  6. Does the same hold true with the R5C ? It seems to tick all the boxes to be the ideal hybrid Sure if you are invested in the Panny line it makes sense to go GH6. if you were starting over and had a blank sheet of paper to work from ? In my case, in a strange twist of fate I have ended up on the Canon platform. The R5C probably makes sense to me in my situation. My point was, if you are saying the R5 line has some sort of merit then I defer to your knowledge on the issue. To me the R5C looks to be the ideal hybrid camera, but your input here is highly regarded. Thats all I meant.
  7. Well if Interceptor 121 is saying he would get an R5 (R5C?) then it seems an R5 is the machine to go for. I get the feeling Interceptor 121 knows his stuff in this area.
  8. Looking at buying a Ninja V monitor/recorder. This recorder has a hdmi IN and OUT. If i were to connect another Ninja V to the hdmi OUT of the first Ninja V, does this mean I could trigger start/stop record from the second daisy chained monitor? Dive and See have cables for transmitting hdmi over 30 to 50m (maybe more but not sure what is current with them - they have so many different cables). By using a hdmi connection to another monitor would allow one to see the live view in real time instead of 1/2fps over ethernet. If all of the above is true then it would seem the Nauti Cam Ninja V housing is preferable as it is has two bulkheads on it. The Seacam version only has the one bulkhead (although Seacam may be able to drill another bulk head?). I am a bit torn on which way to go here. I have a a Nauticam C200 housing and Seacam 1DC housing. I would like to tether both systems (at different times) to remotely monitor and record from topside to a depth of around 50m. Any pointers?
  9. I like bargains Tim. Lets PM - you go first
  10. Go Tim ! i for one am looking forward to your 100Mpx images ;-) When do you splash the new setup ?
  11. Techs at the teleport always referred to them as class A/B/C. we just followed suit.
  12. it does seem to imply that if you lose vacuum for some reason then the WACP is no longer held in place. Never having used this setup I am not really sure - hence asking here. But then again, if I re-read this, it could also read as "there is no SAFTEY lock" - it must still attach into place somehow - just that there is no safety lock so you could possibly get the port off accidentally and that is where the vacuum comes into play. When vacuum is pulled the WACP is locked tight against whatever method is used to attach it to the housing. There was a post somewhere were Alex Mustard siad he uses the WACP with a Subal housing (D850 iirc). Dr Mustard never mentioned any issues so I have to assume it works well ?
  13. we use 10 and 172 ranges all the time.
  14. I have been in touch with Saga and Jose advises that the WACP on the Subal is held in place by vacuum only. I have to assume that this is OK and works well. "You also have to have a vacuum system, the ring that I manufacture does not have a safety lock, I have made many of these rings and they are all like that, when you assemble the set you have to put it in the correct position and make the vacuum, with this The set remains rigid and you cannot move it." Luckily I have had a vacuum system fitted and upgraded to a type 4 port mount on the housing - so all set to go for this. Has anybody actually used this type of setup? Any pointers/heads-up/gotcha's ?
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