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  1. Maybe take a read of the Gopro forums. Many complaints about the Gopro 9 not being ready for prime time. Lots of warnings to look closely at what you are getting into if you elect to get into a Gopro 9. I was keen on one as a second camera to record the dive type thing, but after reading the forums......er...not now. What other action cams are there? Who makes them?
  2. The remote option could open up a LOT of creative possibilities.
  3. So we are holding out for a 16 bit RAW cam at a reasonable price. By 2025, maybe, by 2030 16 bit RAW will be old school.
  4. That seems to be crux of it. I have seen footage from high end cine lenses (40/50K lenses) attached to a red in a housing with a dome.....and the results are no better then a lower end setup. A lot depends on the operator. However there is no getting away from physics. Water is one hell of a filter to shoot through.
  5. I get first dibbs dreifish :-) I posted looking for one ages ago. I am not holding my breath for a good deal on one to come up.
  6. Depends on the lens I guess. Every lens has its "sweet spot". But then again, underwater is a whole different paradigm. Most lenses (but not all) are usually best at 2-3 stops closed down from fully open......so that Sigma 18-35 f1.8 is generally going to be sharpest at about f4. Getting out to f8 will generally be that the lens sharpness and other parameters are in decline at that point. There are some lenses at thier absolute best 1 stop closed down from fully open. Others only sharpen up at f8/f11. But I guess the only lenses that matter with the WACP are the older ones recommended by Naughty Cam. I am not sure where the best performance on those lenses are. I still think Nikonos are King of the Hill all things considered.
  7. Right understood 121. But do you think the WACP gives a sharper image? Sure the edges clean up quite a bit but do you think they give more then just sharp corners?
  8. Great feed back Ajay and thanks for that. However shipping to China from Hong Kong is not the same as shipping to China from the outside of China. Chinese customs will usually not allow a Chinese product to come back inside China. So it has been very difficult to get warranty claims on any Chinese product. Its usually cheaper to just buy another one. The other thing I have learnt about buying Chinese is DONT try to haggle down the price - they will comply and give you a lower price but they WILL have cut corners somewhere to make up for this.
  9. How so 121? What do you mean by "remove bulk" and if using the WACP type equipment what do you mean by "the situation changes" Interested in your thoughts.
  10. These have a really nice "look" to them. Are these clips graded? If so in what and how heavily?
  11. An in-depth deep dive there for sure. So bottom line is dont use log ? On Panasonic anyway. So what do you recommend to use? I know you have a GH5, but apart from that camera which camera do you think holds the best value for underwater use today? Edit: Value as in which camera do you think provides very nice footage. Not $ value as that is a different thing to each person. To some an XYZ Camera is worth it, to others they think the price is crazy for the XYZ camera and one would be better to go for the ABC camera. So not asking about that aspect but rather in your opinion which camera do you think offers some of the nicest footage for underwater use?
  12. Zcam FS6 for sure. Especially with the water contact optics. True, its expensive, but if the doco is worth your time and effort it may be worth the money for the setup?
  13. This is gone.... To OP...why dont you update this?
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