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  1. The Statue would only be pulled down, so..... Nice thought though.
  2. This is where an aluminum housing may have some benefit as the housing would act as a big heat sink to transfer the heat away. Probably doubly effective in cold waters.
  3. This is interesting. Not heard of anyone going this route so far. I would have thought a nauti cam housing with the newest water contact optic system as optimal for lensing underwater. None of our high end cine lenses we love on land do much for us underwater. I see you are selling your BM/Nauticam setup here on the WP classifieds. Since you are leaving the BM/Nauticam setup and moving by going to over to RED/GATES one would assume you think there is something missing or not up to scratch for YOUR needs with the BM/Nauticam setup? I am sure many of us here would love to hear your opinions on the BM setup using the Nauticam housing. What is/was it about the BM setup you didnt like or think can be improved upon by going to a Komodo/Gates system? You are surely more then doubling your cost to go Komodo/Gates Vs the BM/Nauticam setup. There has to be a reason for that and I am sure you have thought this through and have valid (to you) reasons. Be very interesting to look at this from your reasoning. I look forward to seeing how this goes.
  4. Any intention to shoot some a1 video footage in the a7s3 housing? Would be interesting to see some footage off the a1 shot from the a7s3 housing for sure.
  5. These look interesting. Any user reviews out there ? Being todays Japanese, you just know it will be good stuff.
  6. Since we are so hung up on the word Ch**a, lets not use that word. Let us instead focus on a place where mass manufacturing is the norm. A place where theft of IP is the norm. A place where a good percentage of the worlds goods are made and where you CAN find good quality IF you can find a company who is chasing the niche you are buying goods for. However this same place, wherever it might be, is fraught with low end poor quality goods churned out at a massive volume with no thought to after sales nor care about such issues, it would seem. Just be educated about it and make choices accordingly. Buy quality, cry once. I'll personally take Swiss craftsmanship first every time over a cheap item mass produced in some far away place where it seems that customer care is an abstract thought. There is no right answer here. Everyone has thier own personnel preference. Then of course there is this new age we live in where mere mention of certain things or countries has people in a frenzy ready to pounce on you for such mention. I dont know why any of that ends up in a place like this, but it does sometime rear its head it seems. So lets stay away from all that and concentrate on the lights. I think we all get that there is no mythical bargain to be had in underwater lights. Expensive lights are expensive for a reason. If one goes for cheap they should simply be realistic about what they are getting for that cheap price. I think most would understand you dont get a Porsche for a Fiat price. It is what it is.
  7. Looks good. Any idea of the weight ? Typically, how long does it take for the various issues with a Gopro to be resolved after release? Still reading lots of complaints in the Go Pro forums about the 9
  8. @r4e Thanks for your detailed write up. It is very interesting. A lot of us have been through this. I am still stuck on which way to jump. Interesting info on the Zcam. Not heard that before. I am gravitating back towards the BM range to be honest. Seems to be a safe bet. Although the 1D Mk III sounds interesting as well. I have never considered that before. I am very attracted to the idea of an ethernet cable to the surface and BM do not give me that. Canon is well known for its decent colour and ability to WB at depth. Hmmmm.....another rabbit hole to go down for me. So another week ahead lost to research! Thanks for the heads up on the Canon !
  9. Now that's reviving an old thread ! Bravo!
  10. Maybe take a read of the Gopro forums. Many complaints about the Gopro 9 not being ready for prime time. Lots of warnings to look closely at what you are getting into if you elect to get into a Gopro 9. I was keen on one as a second camera to record the dive type thing, but after reading the forums......er...not now. What other action cams are there? Who makes them?
  11. The remote option could open up a LOT of creative possibilities.
  12. So we are holding out for a 16 bit RAW cam at a reasonable price. By 2025, maybe, by 2030 16 bit RAW will be old school.
  13. That seems to be crux of it. I have seen footage from high end cine lenses (40/50K lenses) attached to a red in a housing with a dome.....and the results are no better then a lower end setup. A lot depends on the operator. However there is no getting away from physics. Water is one hell of a filter to shoot through.
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