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  1. A CRI of 96/7 is pretty good. Its probably pushing the boundaries of what is possible from a chip in 2020 that mere mortals can afford.
  2. Huggie, whats the deal with the 12K ursa? Is it that good that a cu$tom housing is worth it ? BM are surely pushing the boundaries so it will be with great interest to see some footage from this cam underwater if you do manage to get it there.
  3. Adam, Thanks for making this for us uw film makers
  4. I thought you were more of a photo type of girl?
  5. It would be a BIG housing to house this camera. Not impossible though - bigger cameras then this have been housed but there is no getting away from the fact that it would be a big housing. It does seem very plausible that BMD will trickle this tech down to its smaller cameras - depends on heat generated by the whole process - but then again that thinking (heat) is about "Current" sensor tech and this camera has a completely different new sensor...so who knows...time will tell. Of course there is lots written and many opinions expressed about this camera at this stage of things. Its clear that many people are hung up on the numbers..."12K" when in fact the 12K is a byproduct of what this sensor is and can do...its not about 12K ..its about a new sensor design that can shoot fast frame rates in RGB in 8/6/4K and just so happens to be able to do 12K as well. Forget the number ..."12" and focus on the new RGB sensor. Thats what this is all about...that new RGB sensor.
  6. So the Black Magic 12K camera is announced. How long before this trickles down to a pocket style camera...and will it be housed and do we need it? Got to love this industry. It never sleeps. You watch, in 2 years from now all the discussion will be on which 8 or 12K cam is being housed with which fantastic new under water optic. We ARE living in interesting times indeed.
  7. Prefer to record to cDNG - so 2TB SSD will be OK. Prores RAW is a very interesting addition. I dont intend to use it but its nice to have options - who knows how things will pan out. I have already lost this season due to Covid. By mid October the rain starts and the water clarity goes to hell...not to mention huge storms and massive lightening storms. There is no way I can get all this in and ready by September. But Next April is not that far away. I do hope to be equipped with this setup by then. Lets see how it all pans out. Never say never. The only fear is that by then Fp II is out and we start the game over.....its never ending as we all know.
  8. With regards to the housing for the Fp made by Pawel from Achtel Pty Ltd Australia; Achtel Pty Limited March 30, 2018 · Controls and buttons are responsible for reliability of underwater housings. My recent review of industry practices revealed that there is much to be desired from nearly all major brands. It appears that reliability is always assumed, but rarely delivered or talked about beyond meaningless slogans. Camera floodings are something that we rarely talk about mainly because it is associated with shame, guilt and failure - not good for reputation. The sad fact is that the vast majority of underwater housings have controls that are designed (or extremely likely) to fail! Multiple single points of failure, poor design, inadequate materials and poor precision are some of the most common problems that I have seen. Cost cutting and shifting the costs towards marketing, aesthetics and questionable features is what drives the market (and profits) these days. Reliability and longevity are not a priority. One of the main reasons I have started to design and make underwater equipment was because I wasn't happy with anything that was available. Master's degree in engineering and plenty of experience designing mission-critical equipment helped a great deal. Having access to arguably the best defense manufacturing facility made it all happen. Yes: next to DeepX, Vanquish and 3Deep, space rockets, satellites and Hawk helicopter parts are made to the same precision and high quality standards. Pictured are some of our push buttons used in DeepX, 3Deep and our other housings. Their design, tight tolerances and materials ensure mission-critical performance to the levels not found in this industry. They are precision-machined from titanium alloys and verified to be within 5-micron precision. They are coated with hard-ceramic ensuring smooth and precise fitting and resistance to harsh environments. They utilise double orings on all moving parts and can prevent leakage when not one, but even when both orings are damaged. This is because they are so precise that they work like a piston - sealing even when the orings are compromised. No dissimilar metals are used, meaning there will never be any internal corrosion. The controls are strong enough to withstand considerable mechanical impact, ice, dust, mud and sand. These controls cost several hundred dollars each to make. I'd guess probably 100 times more than those offered by some of the "leading" underwater housing brands. But, they are also more than a 1000 times more reliable - so much so that I'd be happy for my own life to depend on it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yeah, I'm putting my trust in Pawel thank you very much. This tiny housing that is so well engineered matched to a Nikonos optic using a titanium ceramic coated lens mount....he will be taking my money.
  9. From Noam Kroll's site... https://noamkroll.com/full-sigma-fp-review-4k-raw-video-samples/ Full Sigma FP Review & 4K RAW Video Samples Last month I picked up a Sigma FP and have already put it to the test on a number of shoots. So far, I’m quite impressed. While the camera does have its quirks, the image quality and versatility of this camera is pretty remarkable. In a nutshell, the FP is a pocket sized full-frame camera with the ability to shoot 4K video internally in Cinema DNG RAW. It has a dedicated “Cine” mode, allowing the camera, menus and display to function like a true cinema camera, making it optimal for filmmakers. DESIGN & BUILD QUALITY Anyone who truly loves pocket-sized cameras is going to have an immense appreciation for the FP. It’s a minimalist’s dream camera. Despite having a full frame sensor, the camera body is incredibly tiny. By far the smallest camera I’ve ever owned, yet it still somehow feels incredibly strong and built for pro use. It also is really comfortable to hold in you hand, even without a cage or grip configured. This side of the body also has a few ports – USB data output, Micro HDMI port and a mic input. I haven’t yet used the data port, but this can be utilized to output a full 4K 12bit RAW image to an external hard drive. In a future firmware update, you should also be able to export 4K 12bit RAW through the HDMI output for use with external video recorders. All in all, the build of this camera is optimal. Small, rugged, weather sealed, easy to rig up and configure however you like… Not a whole lot to complain about. IMAGE QUALITY For me, image quality is the #1 consideration I take into account when choosing a camera, and the Sigma FP really delivers on this front. Unsurprisingly, shooting in RAW at 4K (3840 x 2160) will give you the best overall results when shooting internally. Even in 8 bit, the images have so much color information and retain detail beautifully in the shadows and highlights. They grade incredibly well and under no circumstance (yet) have I felt limited by not working with a 12 bit file. I do often find myself shooting in 12 bit / HD, but that’s really just a means to save card space. For most of my projects HD is plenty to work with, so I suspect this will be a bit of a sweet spot for certain jobs. In both 4K RAW and HD RAW, the images coming off the cards truly feel like they’ve originated on a cinema camera. Even ungraded, they are rich and dynamic, and have the sort of depth and texture you might expect from a much more expensive cinema camera. No need to go on. Paired with that tiny housing from Pawel with a Nikonos lens...we have a winner here. Its the sum total of all the parts that make a whole. The best camera in the world is no good without a quality housing to take it underwater. The best housing/camera is of little use if we cant mate it all to the best optics ever designed for underwater use...Nikonos. My opinion is that it is truly remarkable that such a combination of camera/housing/optics is available with such remarkable low light ability that gives such good 12 bit RAW cDNG files in such a tiny package. No one has to agree with me, but for my use this is the best I can hope for. As I say again and again, YMMV. This Covid -19 thing has messed up many of our plans and slowed everything down. I hope I can still get this package together this year. I for one am really looking forward to getting some quality bubble time with this setup.
  10. From the EOSHD site, "The eagerly awaited Sigma Fp version 2.0 firmware has been released today. The camera is now capable of a DCI 4K 12bit HDMI RAW feed which can be shot in compressed RAW format with a suitable external recorder. This enables the use of NLE friendly RAW workflows, in Apple ProRes RAW with the Ninja V recorder and even BRAW with the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR. This makes the Sigma Fp the first ever full frame camera to offer BRAW support (with the View Assist), and the first to shoot 2K 120fps in ProRes RAW. Given the size of the Sigma Fp is barely larger than a Sony RX1 this is an extraordinary capability. For cinema production it puts the Sigma Fp in the same league as the RED Komodo but at a significant cost and size advantage, with a larger sensor. Also added in firmware version 2.0 is a new HDR mode for video users. I’ll explore what this means soon on EOSHD, once the firmware is up and running on my camera. It is available to download here. The internal CinemaDNG recordings are now playable in-camera and a cinemagraph feature has been added. Interestingly there is now a Dual Native ISO feature like the Panasonic S1H, which implies it uses a similar sensor. The base ISO can now be ISO 100, or ISO 3200 for improved low light performance and dynamic range at high ISOs."
  11. Things can get hairy quickly in some of the less developed parts of the world !
  12. What is it with you people?? No not a pro at video by any stretch but many many years in remote areas doing high tech work taking my cameras with me . You guys dont let up - if a setup does not suit YOU, its constantly bagged. I come here to learn from others. Some interesting topics and new ideas. I dont come here to ride and bag others like some do. And I can most definitely assure you I will indeed tell what I find when this setup ends up in my hands - from what I can see this setup has no equal - taking all factors into consideration. Another crazy story ..just for Davide...in June 2000 I chartered an AN12 (Russian turbo prop cargo plane) to fly a shipment of fish out of Central Africa down to South Africa. No photos or video attempted on that one. The only eventful thing to happen that afternoon was the mad Russians flying that crate started spooling up the engines as we were loading boxes of fish into the hold. We were running late and they were anxious to get to Lanseria (an airport on the outskirts of Johannesburg South Africa). As the rear cargo ramp was going up they started to taxi to the runway. I had to throw my backpack into the side entrance hatch as the aircraft was moving towards the runway. In the end the Russian crew threw a rope ladder down to me as I was running after the aircraft trying to get aboard. I had to scramble up that rope ladder as the aircraft was taxing to the runway for take off. Whether I managed to get aboard or not they were taking off. To this day we call the whole episode that occurred late that afternoon "Running with the Antonov". You spend enough years out here in the bush and you end up with a lot of stories to tell. Hope I am not coming across as a pro know it all because of the experiences I have had out here on the perimeter.
  13. Interceptor121...that guy in Australia happens to have won Academy awards for his tech work. He is a very accomplished engineer. I trust his work far more then I trust Nauticam. His housing for the FP is a nice bit of kit. That Titanium/Ceramic lens mount is nice ! Mating the Nikonos optics to a ceramic coated titanium lens mount means the lens is secure and tight with no play and the ceramics ensure the lens mount will never wear out. "titanium doesn't corrode, and it is very strong. Ceramic coating is even harder than titanium, hydrophobic and self lubricating. They will last true life time of constant use" The housing has a 2TB SSD onboard. The housing can be modified with more ports to spec upon request. The kicker here is this camera and housing are tiny.....and that gets me to places I couldn't go before. Plus its a bit of a crash-cam setup - if I do get held up and robbed the camera was only 2K. No one wants to be held up of course but the reality out there is some of us work in dangerous places. I've been grabbed by paramilitary rebel forces (manged to escape - May 2000), arrested for being a spy (because I took a photo of the Cessna Caravan that was chartered by a mine to fly our group in - contacts managed to get me released as I was being taken to a prison -2009) and thrown into prison twice in another country -2014/ 2016. (there is quite the story to all that - best thing in these countries is to keep a low profile and dont flash fancy gear around, because if you do you become a target and better have good contacts for when the SHTF - and it has a nasty habit of doing just that). The Thing about all this is, if thats where the fish you are interested in are...you have to risk it. I am saying all this here because you just dont seem to get that not all of us are in the Western world and take nice holidays to safe mundane places. The Sigma Fp is an amazing camera with a great sensor in a tiny package. It is so unique. Granted, not everyone needs that but to those who do this is an amazing camera that opens up opportunities that we previously could not get too because of the size and amount of gear needed. We could not begin to even dream of this quality footage from such a tiny camera even 5 years ago. Truly remarkable that this camera exists ! Pawels housing being equally tiny with a nikonos lens mounted to it is icing on the cake. A small camera and housing is nice for some of us...as I said...YMMV. But dont worry I also swing the other way. Big is fine - in appropriate places. The Fp is a tool in the box for some places where I cant access with big bulky gear. Make sense ?
  14. The Sigma has the housing from Pawel. The camera is only half of the answer - unless you can get the camera where you need it....then you have nothing at all. YMMV of course. My use case is somewhat specialized.
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