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  1. My thoughts..... Do it Ian! You know you want too. Its only money after all. I was also wondering about this lens.I think it would be good as a fish portrait lens ?
  2. Thanks TimG. yes you are right - let's not hijack this thread....it does however keep the listing at the top of the sales forum - so there's that. I am just wondering whether this lens is right for me or not with a view to buying or not.
  3. Thank you TimG for the feedback. What are the implications to the Seacam port specially made for this lens? Is there a better dome then this for it in order to get the best that is possible from this lens ?
  4. Right...... so I am 4th in line. I dont like my odds of getting hold of them out of the will then. Are you going to get the 28mm? Useful lens or not do you think? The only thing I can say is that the 28mm is useful for fish portraits and a prime lens is always sharper than a zoom. Still scouting for these lenses if anyone has one
  5. @Walt. Please add me to the will :-) I will take good care of your Secam Nikonos's. Do you have the 28mm yet ?
  6. Dammm....I usd to come to this part of the forum maybe twice in a year. Now I check at least twice a day. Still crying over missing Ians 20-35mm Nikonos........(somebody please just shoot me and put me out of my misery !)
  7. What I know about Sony Sensors is they do not W.B well. Cant beat canon for that. My Pick would be the C200 if the price was the same as the P4K/P6K. Housing costs seem to be the biggest costs in this field. It seems a true cine lens in PL mount holds no real advantage underwater. That damm filter called water that we all have to deal with dulls everything down....no matter the lens used.I like a fast lens so that I can stop down at least 2 stops so that the lens gets into its sweet spot.
  8. Looking for the Nikonos 13mm/28mm/20-35 Zoom Seacam conversions. Does anyone have one of the above for sale ?
  9. @Walt Sterns - how do you find the lens in use day to day ? Not the right place to discuss this though I will start my own Nikonos looking for thread so as not to hijack this thread.
  10. @diverseptember..... Could you please update this thread. Is this item still for sale or sold? Muellema above enquired above and I am also after one. Please let us know if you still come to this part of the forum.
  11. Ian, I should have grabbed that Macro Port 90 as well. My network connection is so flakey out here that its such a chore to to try to load pages that i didn't bother to go through anymore then I had too.Hence missing you had this as well. Could you please give me the cost to ship that to the same place as the other stuff and I will do the paypal thing again. Rgds
  12. yes thats right - the BMPCC 4K. I would be interested to hear why you think its not adequate. The Leica 12-60mm has OIS. Is the OIS in the lens or in the body of the M43? I thought the OIS was in the lens itself, and if so, then the P4K gets some stabilisation. I suppose this is a topic for a different thread. TBH, I was hot and bothered for an old Sony F23...talk about ergonomics.....but 3 CCD through that special prism that gives colour purity like no other before or since....using Digiprimes......alas, the housing cost and handling issues. There are interesting Digizooms too..... But I wonder how much difference there really is to that old F23 compared to a modern sensor like the P4K? I am not a fan of the GH5 at all.
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