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  1. Pawel is saying he hopes to get it to market at around $3500 USD - housing only. No idea what he charges for his Nikonos lenses - he has a boat load of them that he tests and grades. You can have the pick of the crop if you are willing to pay for it.
  2. Thanks Tim! It's a nice story I think. I know it sounds melodramatic but I was honestly very shaken when I finally got back on the forum and contacted Ian to buy the lens and it was already sold. Very disappointing moment indeed. So for it to end like this is a great feeling. A Nikonos lens on a Seacam housing is about as good as it gets I think. the only way it can be improved at this time is to get a D850 and Seacam housing for it. I am happy to be getting into a D800 for now - plus I picked up a Seacam D2X housing for my D2X so I can use this lens with my D2X. Sure its long in the tooth but still good as a backup in the very remote area that I live in. Rgds (Hope Santa surprises you with a lens you lust for)
  3. Hi Ian, So who gets the freq flyer points for the air miles this lens has travelled? You, Nick or me? I am so so thrilled to have this lens. I think the zoom range suits my intended usage quite well - if anything a little short on the long end. But honestly to have a Seacam modded Nikonos is a dream come true - I firmly believe this is the sharpest/best underwater family of lenses out there. Now to snap up a 13mm Seacam Nikonos ! One will pop up one day. I will sit and wait for the day - no hurry. As I said Ian, many thanks to you for getting this lens converted. It will be lovingly looked after and cherished this side. And yes, best of the season to everyone.
  4. So a happy ending to a tragic story....... Ian posted his Seacm 20-35 Nikonos lens here for sale. I was desperately trying to buy it but I couldn't log in using my original account here. By the time I realised it was just easier to re register and start again, the lens had been sold. I was so devastated ! Well, a month or two later the same lens popped up here on Wetpixel for sale! I immediately jumped on it. Today, I have that Seacam Nikonos 20-35 on my desk here next to me ! A happy ending to a tragic story. I thought it was nice to share that story in the Xmas period :-) Thank you to Ian for all his work getting this lens made and to Nick for being so helpful and easy to work with and his excellent packing job! (trust me, if you buy something from Nick be prepared for trying to open the package - good luck, you are going to need it )
  5. Hi There spryb ! Wish that camera had of been in the housing went she went for her travels. Oh well. Can you PM me pls
  6. Not heard anything from you at all. Hope you did not get run over by a bus. (I am in IT and for some reason everyone is always worried about the IT guy getting run over by a bus)
  7. Thanks interceptor, I dont have a HLG TV. my TV is a 2014 LG that in reality is a 2013 model be because it takes do long to get new hardware in this part of the world. I do have plans to get a projector though. But then projectors are not bright enough (in my price range)
  8. You make no mention of the Sigma fp. Any thoughts on that at all ? Your input is clear and concise and makes much sense. So interested on your thoughts about the fp.
  9. Muellema, please PM me so we can discuss this.
  10. I wonder what the Sigma fp may give us in this regard with firmware updates as time goes on? We may need to wait for version 2 of the fp for that..?? Times are a changing. We moan about this and that missing but compared to say, 10 years ago, things are just amazing today.
  11. I'm with you on this one. I got into a Seacm D800 (its not here yet so not used so far). But I will use it and hard. And when its days are over by then the D850 housings will be much lower cost and a D850 body with low shutter count will be bountiful on ebay. I dont feel the need to be on the cutting edge of stills photography. Video is something different though. The advances there are rapid and amazing but for stills the plateau evened out years ago and is essentially flat these days....more Res..do we really need it? I think the D800 is the sweet spot right now. Just my opinion of course.
  12. Let me know what you have. Parts are good to have.
  13. But watch it change rapidly. It's not going away It's interesting tech and in years to come (how many is the question) we will probably be shooting everything that way without ever questioning the tech, the how's, the why's. Everything will catch up. It may take another 10 years but the day will come when it will be rare to find a TV in someone's home that does not do HDR. Will it be 5 years until its hard to find a monitor for grading that does NOT have HDR onboard? When will Rec709 be a thing of the past? How long before Rec2020 is the norm...the way its just done ?
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