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  1. How do I buy? My wife Heidi I think already contacted you. She had been on this site a long time I think.
  2. Hello, I have a Old Sea Cam housing for my 5D and I am interested in your S10. Normally my wife, Heidi Thoricht handles anything I buy here but she is out of town now so I signed up this afternoon. I live in Fla on the West Coast. NOT sure how all of this works but just incase my email address is capt.mike@bluewtrlife.com and my cell is 727-517-5288 I shoot mostly macro so I am also looking at buying a used 45 if I can get it at the right price. But when I can I go to East Coast of Fla and shoot the Sharks and do the Black Water dives I think I could use the S10. Thinking it "might" help over the view finder I am using now?? Mike
  3. Very Well put together video. Ritchie & GR live here on West Coast near me. I shoot a lot of the Land shots of the spearfishing tournaments here. St. Pete Open, TBSC, Southern Open and WCC stuff and free diving tournaments
  4. Been diving a Long dive, have many thousands of dive. Use to run busiest Dive charter on West coast of fla. Now I have a 35 ft contender I keep just for my wife (Heidi Thoricht) and I to dive off of.. Normally my wife handles most of my purchases for me but she just flew up to the East coast so I signed up to buy something quick... OF COURSE no luck... Said Zero messages. After 10 minutes of looking around I found this place to post... Guess I have to do 3 post before I can buy something. My Wife and I have been to a lot of Wet Pixel stuff at DEMA. I guess two more messages??? and I can buy item I want??
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