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  1. in hindsight I probably should have put this in the techniques and tips catagory, sorry about that.
  2. Hi all, I'm getting ready for an awesome trip and am going over my gear and pouring over thousands of images over the past decade of working on my photography and I seem to have one issue that haunts me. Strobe wash-out. There are tons of photos that I feel look good u/w, only to download and discover that I continuously get washed out photos when in TTL mode. (yes, I've tried several different cords in case of cord failure, but TTL works) I read the forums, I talk with folks, I scour the internet and of course practice incessantly. It seems that in TTL mode, I'm always getting the same result. (in manual I don't, but if something is happening quickly, do you have time to go adjusting strobes?) ok, so you probably want to know what I'm shooting with these days.. Nikon D700 with assorted lenses in a Seacam housing, with two seaflash strobes on some ULCS arms. I thought before my trip, perhaps picking the collective brains of theWwetpixel community might be a good source of ideas and encouragement. Thanks!
  3. Hi Wetpixel members, Usually I'm posting on here about some underwater photography problem but this post is very different. The organization I work for is currently in the running for a grant to support our marine education program in Dominica that also protects sea turtles and other marine life. You can check out more about this program at the following link. http://bit.ly/cABXPD To win the grant we need your vote so I (and the kids in dominica) would really appreciate your vote for our project Clearing the way for turtles. You can vote @ http://bit.ly/bKOzC9 Thanks for your support of this terrific program!
  4. Um, ok so let's say that's not really an option. How can I find out about what's needed to adapt it to the housing? It's for a Nikon d700 if that matters any... Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place as I've been unable to locate an earlier thread on the subject but I'm trying to find out if anyone's using the 'bug eye' on a Sea-Cam housing. Been reading up on these but haven't seen if anyone is using one on a SeaCam. Any info would be terrific. Thanks, Jake
  6. In my search for wearable carry-on I just happened to find this nifty coat. Thought I would share. http://www.stealth-gear.com/products/photo...acket-vest.html
  7. Terrific thread! I recently ran into a problem where I was allowed into Dominica with 80 pounds of luggage but was not allowed to exceed 70 flying out. I was a tad bit irate no one told me of this back in Boston when I left but luckily stuffing a few strobe arms down my sleeves and leaving a bottle of rum behind did the trick. I might have to pick up one of those vests as I'm leaving for the Caribbean in a few weeks and need to take both my video and still housings. Not fun. (ok, it's a work trip, but still...)
  8. Well after trying my Aquatica D700 with the internal settings set right this time I still didn't get TTL with both the Sea and Sea or Ike controllers. So now it's off to Backscatter for me! I'm pretty sure I've done every think right at this point so I'm gonna have my gear looked at by a pro. That time of the year anyway!
  9. Awesome shots guys. Guess we missed each other by just hours! I'm going to have to get out with Andrew from now on! If you haven't tried Pearls for lunch I highly recommend it. Only open for lunch M-F but far and away best place around. Oh, and if you have a few minutes to take a drive to the hot springs at Teekwaonglogo (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) Say Hi to Henry and June and be sure to sample the Peanut Rum, it's fantastic. Hope I meet up with you guys in Dominica one day in the future! Jake
  10. I don't think I'm quite conveying this properly. Check out the attached picture below of a friends rig. I'm talking about the aluminum colored piece you see bridging one grip with another. Just exploring easier way to hand my housing up and position my strobes creatively. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakelevenson/4263895528
  11. Hi everybody, I'm wondering if people could share discreptions or ideally photos of their rigs. I'm curious what kind of grip/handle/carry bar (not really sure what you'd call it) folks use on their housings. In passing over the years I've seen a variety of custom carrying handles folks have machined, fashioned, duct taped, or otherwise assembled. I'm curious what's out there, what works, what doesn't. As always, thanks so much for the advice! Jake
  12. Fast forward a few months and lots of reading and I think it would be easiest if I went with my ike DS strobes with the ike ttl adapter gizmo. (see link below) Problem is it doesn't connect to the bulkhead on the Aquatica housing. What have I missed? Thanks everyone! Jake http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakelevenson/4066451852/
  13. So I use my YS 110a I should go with the Sea and Sea TTL converter for Nikon Cameras. If I want to use one of my older Ikelite strobes with my D700 should I use one of these? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/4999..._for_Nikon.html
  14. Ok but the sea and sea converter on the BH photo site says it's for sea and sea housings. Can I still put it on my aquatica housing?
  15. Thanks Eric, that Peter's site was quite helpful. Looks like until I can find a way of doing this without being there in person I need to start with some time lapse shots in a very controlled environment. Think I'll try that at dusk today. Thanks! Jake
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