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  1. No, not right now. I'd like the convenience of selling the kit as a whole, even if I could earn a bit more selling the parts separately. I'll reconsider in a week or two.
  2. A year and a half ago I bought an entire housing and strobe system for my Canon 5D Mark IV from Backscatter in Monterey. I still have the receipt. It's an amazing system but, honestly, it's just too complicated for me to enjoy using. I took it out for a week to Socorro Islands and a week to the Channel Islands, but otherwise it has sat in its case. Everything is in excellent condition, like new, except for the wide angle port that has a very shallow, minor 1/4" scratch on the dome where a seal lion decided to taste it. I tried to take a picture of the scratch, but it's so minor that it doesn't show-up in my photographs. Otherwise, everything is like new. I would like to sell the entire set to one buyer, if possible. $5,000 for everything listed below, including a very nice travel case. I can send you additional photos of the individual items. I live in Salinas, California. I am an occasional DM with Aquarius Dive Shop in Monterey and I dive frequently with MaryJo on the Beachhopper II on Monterey Bay. Nauticam Na-5DIV Backscatter AirLock Vacuum System and Bulkhead Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic Dome Port (with shade and neoprene cover) Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 70 with lock Nauticam C1635III-Z Zoom Gear for Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM Nauticam Macro Port 94 Nauticam C1001S-F Focus Gear for Canon 100mm F2.8L IS USM Two Sea & Sea Ys-D2J Underwater DS-TTL Strobe Nauticam TTL Flash Trigger for Canon Two Canon NB--13L Batteries and charger for flash trigger Four UL-DB-08 Ultralight 8 inch double ball arms Six Ultralight new style clamps Nauticam 45 Viewfinder One set of Enelope rechargeable batteries and charger for strobes One rolling case that can carry the entire load
  3. My wife wants to visit the Philipines next year. If so, I want to dive. Do you have any suggestions of where it's best? I especially enjoy photographing corals. Thanks.
  4. Ocean Enterprises is a great San Diego dive shop. My contact is no longer there, but if you give them a call, I'm sure that they could set you up.
  5. I've never been to Australia, but nice pic's! I really like your lighting and the lack of backscatter.
  6. Why can everyone take such great pictures of harbor seals, while mine are out of focus or poorly lit. I know there is no secret setting, but I'm open to any advice. I have a Canon 5D in a Nauticam housing, but by the time I've adjusted my exposure and focused, my favorite animal is just a blur.
  7. I live in Salinas and dive frequently on the Beachhopper 2. I have a nice Canon 5D Mark IV, but it's been a challenge to learn. Lighting in our green waters has been especially hard for me. But I'm learning...slowly!
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