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  1. Apologies, I had my notification settings turned off and didn't see your message. All messages have been replied to!
  2. Hello all, I am selling my rig mostly because I just don't have the time to devote to the hobby. Please feel free to inquire with any questions, specific pictures or information I can provide. I bought the camera and housing rig together from a friend who was upgrading. I plan on keeping the camera and glass. What is included: Nauticam NA-A7II / $3190 https://www.nauticam.com/collections/sony-mil-housings/products/na-a7ii-housing-for-sony-a7-ii-a7iir-camera Nauticam Focus Ring and 40mm Port Adapter / $520 https://www.nauticam.com/products/n100-to-n120-40mm-port-adaptor-with-zoom-focus-knob-for-na-a7 Extension Ring 60 with Lock / $370 https://www.nauticam.com/products/extension-ring-60-with-lock Zen 170mm Port / $999 https://www.zenunderwater.com/collections/optical-glass-ports/products/dp-170 Nauticam Focus Gear for Zeiss 16-35mm f4 / $200 https://www.nauticam.com/products/se1635-z-zoom-gear-for-sony-vario-tessar-t-fe-16-35mm-f4-za-oss Total New: $5279 SHIPPED and PAYPALLED to lower 48 US: $3000 There is a small imperfection on the dome that can be seen in the close up at the 7 o'clock position, about 1 inch from center. It is a small imperfection and isn't noticeable in the camera shots.
  3. Cool video! You got some really cool shots!
  4. Couldn't agree more! I think the general attitude to skirt rules can be applied away from the diving aspect too. Having spent time in a lot of other countries, being disrespectful to culture in general can get you in a lot of hot water.
  5. Hello all, My name is Seth and I am currently living in the Washington, DC area. I started diving about 12 years ago and due to my job requirements have had an on and off again relationship with the sport. I currently own several cameras including everything from a collection of GoPros, a Nikon 3300 and a Sony a7rii. I enjoy learning from everyone's questions and especially like living vicariously through your photos and videos!
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