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  1. Hey guys-- I'm very new here and was recommended to sign up by an underwater cam op in Atlanta. I am a local to Atlanta, GA as well. I shoot a lot of sports and I bought a very nice Nauticam 5D Mark IV set up at the end of last year for one shoot with an olympic swimmer. We did 2 dunk tests and then 3-4 hours of actual shooting. Have not used it since. Everything was cleaned and put back into their original boxes. Like new. Hoping to sell asap as I am tired of looking at it sit on my shelves every day Also because I am going to be getting a housing for my Blackmagic Pocket 6K. Bought for $7,000 + tax and shipping from Bluewater Photo Store in CA. Hoping to sell for $6,000 OBO. My loss is your gain as the saying goes... Here's what's included: Nauticam Housing for Canon 5D Mark IV (NA-D5DIV) Nauticam Extension ring 70mm Nauticam Dome Port (8.5) w/ shade and cover Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon EF 16-35mm f 2.8 LII USM Sea & Sea Sync cord - DUAL Nauticam Vacuum Check The Nauticam Vacuum Check is not in the shipping list because I bought it over the phone in a separate order after the shoot as we had one from someone else on site. Has not even been opened or used yet.
  2. I just got a couple of the pocket 6K camera's and will be getting a housing for 1 of them. Which housing are you using? Are you finding that the battery is getting sucked like crazy from the pocket? My main concern is not having enough battery life under water to film for decent amounts of time.
  3. 5D Mark IV with a Nauticam 5D Mark IV housing... But I'm actually looking to sell and probably switch to Sony or go for a Blackmagic pocket 6k housing. I'm looking to get into more 4k-6k video work rather than just stills and cropped 4k video on the 5D.
  4. New member here! I mainly do sports photography. Had the opportunity to shoot an Olympic swimmer last year with my Nauticaml 5D Housing. Don't usually do a ton of underwater though
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