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  1. Ended up buying the housing plus the 100-120 35mm adapter & flash trigger for the same price. I hope you're able to sell yours. It is a really nice housing in a small package.
  2. Just bought the NA-A7rIII with a few other pieces. I hope you’re able to sell it. Thanks W
  3. I love Nauticam stuff, but these prices are super rich!
  4. Sorry to hear about your trip, that stinks. Where can I find out more about the A7r3 conversion kit? I'm shopping for a housing for mine.
  5. I'm interested since i just purchased an A7rIII and I'm looking for a housing, but the difference in price from your used housing to a new housing is not that significant. A new NA-A7RIII is $2990. Feel free to message me.
  6. Excellent pictures... Thank you for sharing! I loved my two weeks in the Philippines, It's almost not fair with all the wonderful creatures available on every dive.
  7. I keep my dome port, camera, lenses, regulator and dive computers with me on the carry on. Everything else goes on the checked luggage nicely padded by lots of underwear This works extremely well specially on the return flight with dirty laundry.
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