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  1. Hi fellow water people, I'm currently working on a short-documentary about diving & ocean conservation following a young female protagonist local to Isla Tierra Bomba, Colombia, an island in the Caribbean sea. We're looking for an underwater cinematographer, someone that'd be happy to come onboard for the fun, in support of young filmmakers and who believes in the project. It's a low budget commissioned film, and so ideally we're looking for someone local in Colombia (or neighbouring countries) as travel budget is limited. Is it you? Or do you have any ideas of whom is local & talented? Any recommendations would be highly appreciated! Happily providing script & treatment! Kindly, Jen Producer
  2. Hi fellow water people! I'm Jen, Dive master from Sweden, living in London and so naturally missing the ocean every day. I'm a film producer, mostly commercials but heading into more narrative films. I'm currently setting up a short-documentary about ocean conservation following a young female protagonist in an Island in Colombia. We're looking for a local UW cinematographer and a friend of mine kindly directed me to this forum. Thank you, Jen
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