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  2. I bought the R5 a year ago and thought I would use my 5D MarkIV more, but it's not getting the use it deserves and would love to see it go to a happy home. Minor cosmetic scrapes. I bought it brand new so there have been no other owners. It never went underwater either as I was using my Sony body for underwater work. There is a small scratch on the low pass filter that happened when I was cleaning it years ago, but I have used it extensively since then and have never once seen it show up in an image or video. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or want more pictures. Comes with 2 32gb CF cards, charger, battery, and 256gb SD card. $800.00 USD
  3. Basically brand new. Used twice. They fit Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D2 and YS-D2J strobes. I have the YS-D3s now and have no use for them. They've been sitting in a clean stored away area for awhile now and would love to get them to a good home. Selling for $50 for both or $30 apiece. Brand new they are $90 apiece. Thanks! Dan
  4. Price drop $50 Works perfectly! If you want to use Canon glass on a Sony body, this thing is awesome!
  5. Thanks Jaycee! I would like to echo the sentiments and say Jaycee was also very easy to work with, there was no issue at all with receiving payment, and I'm happy the light went to a good home!
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