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  1. How much would be the Inon z240 type 4?
  2. Looking to buy a Nauticam m16 Vacuum valve II that i can usei n my Nauticam NA7D housing. Also looking for the leak detection mechanism that i can pair for the vacuum. Please post offer or send me a message. Im from the philippines. Paypal payment only.
  3. Hello, I recently acquired a discontinued system Nauticam NA7D. I am still in progress to complete my rig and i need help if anyone of you has a lead where i can get the pair of stainless steel bracket for this housing. See photos. Or maybe anyone who is willing to sell their handle bracket. I am from Philippines. Can pay through paypal. Thanks, Emil
  4. Hi @windwaternwaves Sent you a message about the macro port 41.
  5. Hey guys, Sharing my first shot using Canon 7D and Tokina 10-17 fisheye. Its my first time to DSLR
  6. At first Flickr is confusing but they actually improved their UX already. You can try it at Flickr.
  7. Hello guys Im Emil and im also a photographer. Im glad to be here! If you need a photo buddy when visiting anilao, just let me know so i can help you arrange your trip.
  8. Hey Guys, Im Emil from the Philippines. You may contact me if you are into underwater photography as i am also a hobbyist. Im living 2 hrs away from anilao. Im using Canon 7D in nauticam housing. Glad to be here!
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