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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback, especially on the applicability of the 16-35 lens. I was worried about that aspect (pun intended) so glad to have the validation of what was in the back of my mind.
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I do a lot of dry-land photography and have been in the Nikon ecosystem for over 10 years with dslr's and a lot longer than that if you go back to film days. I've been lucky enough to visit St John, USVI 4 times. We are going back for our 5th trip in a few weeks. I don't dive (yet!) but I love to snorkel. I've taken cameras on each trip: waterproof point-n-shoot, go pro, Nikon 1AW, and last time we went I had the Sony RX100 III in a Fantasea housing. The upgrade in photo quality was very gratifying with that rig. I can go that way again but ... I have a Nikon D850 and the 16-35 f4 lens and I'm kind of dying to try out that combo underwater. I'm not made of money and I'm not getting any younger so I'm thinking about getting an Ikelite housing with the appropriate dome for the 16-35. Since I'll be snorkeling and therefore not going deep, my thought was to just go with the housing for this trip and not try to figure out strobes just yet. The Sony is capable of capturing decent UW photos without strobes so the D850 ought to do even better with its superior focusing ability and superior handling of ISO. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? If there is a flaw in my thinking I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi! I'm Sarah. I live in northern Virginia but also spend a lot of time in West Virginia. I'm interested in all different kinds of photography but have a lot of emphasis on birds-in-flight. My husband and I love to go to St. John, USVI; I've been using a Sony RX100 III but I want to upgrade to using my Nikon D850. I'm also becoming intrigued with taking photos in rivers at low water. Looking forward to learning and sharing in this community! www.sarahanderson.net
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