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  1. Good Day, is this still available and how much for the ext. ring as well? Thanks, Dustin
  2. This housing is new and has only hit the water at most 5 times. I am separating out my parts as I went to a DSLR immediately after purchasing this point and shoot. Nothing wrong at all just too small to ward off critters such as crocs, and sharks. Perfect Condition. Asking price is $850. Cheers!
  3. Good Day! I am currently looking to sell my back up camera which has been ever so lonely for the past 2 years. It has alot of items and is a full rig. I have had it in the water 4 times and thats it. Nauticam housing, Flat port, Wide Angle, and wet lens for Wide, Macro, and super Macro. This is one heck of a deal. Buy and play, all there. I am looking to get the bare minimum to cover my new housing, $3,800 so that is pretty firm. My email is dustin.l.cox1@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing. Thanks, Nauticam NA-A6000 housing, trigger, grips, cradle, vaccum port, optical ports, flat port, dome port, macro, super macro, wide angle, and standard 16-50mm lens. Sea and Sea YSD01 strobes, float arms, clamps, 3 sets of arms, lots of rechargeable batteries, chargers, extra o-rings, grease, etc. As stated this is a ready to go package, I have purchased too many items to only find something was missing, all that is missing here is a home for this system as I have only used it 3-4 times with less than 500 shots. I am considering throwing in the Kraken video light which is a Hydra 5000 retails around $600-700. Barely used as well.
  4. Love the reminders and pointers. Always good to read all persons perspectives. Thanks,
  5. I actually do not disagree with permits. Too many disrespectful yahoo's are harassing the cetaceans and other wildlife to get their darned selfies. I was completely and utterly disappointed at the flailing hoards of people in Tahiti. The boat operators worked together but at the same time they worked together, I am sure you can figure out why I made that statement. Limiting people to access by permit is good, just don't get carried away with the fees.....
  6. Hello and Good Day! My name is Dustin and have been diving for over 20 years. I have began to explore the photography side of things. I am from the Los Angeles CA area so if anyone wishes to do some photo dives let me know. Cheers!
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