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  1. Looking forward to a field comparison of the prime vs pro... Anyone?
  2. Good question. Perhaps folks with some experience using both might know. You can read some FAQs on the maker’s website... M
  3. Yes, mattysmithphoto dot com. No affiliation. M
  4. Hadn’t seen a thread on this topic, and I recently acquired a 12” version. Haven’t had the opportunity to take it out yet, but was wondering if other users had any general or specific tips for use? cheers, M
  5. Am dying to hear some reviews of the new versions... I haven’t pre-ordered and am keen to do so, but unsure whether to choose the Primes or the Pros. Any hands-on advice comparing both would be greatly appreciated! M
  6. Hello, Matt here from Australia. Long time listener, first time caller. Had no intention of registering until viewing recent posts about new retra strobes, and now I want to ask some questions... some my of my photos here, fwiw: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/underwater-photographer-week-matt-curnock/ and here: https://www.scubadivermag.com/underwater-photographer-of-the-week-matt-curnock/ Cheers, M@
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