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  1. For sale is my Panasonic LX-10 with housing and accessory lenses. Need to make room on my table, and let someone have the opportunity to get a solid compact camera for the holidays. Got everything from Backscatter in Monterey, only have about 20 dives on the camera and housing, less on the lenses. See picture below, let me know if you want more specific. Sold as a package at the moment.


    Panasonic LX10; extra battery, wall charger, data cable

    Nauticam NA-LX10 with flex tray handles, mounting balls, lanyard

    Vacuum Lock with pump

    Nauticam accessory pack; manual, o-ring, pick, grease

    Nauticam CMC-1 macro lens

    Kraken KLR-01 wide lens


    $2250 plus shipping, or free pick up if local to Monterey, CA




  2. Hi Everyone,

    I have a question if any of you shoot with a personal dive computer on your lighting arm. Saw someone on a boat recently running a setup like that and could see some benefits/drawbacks. Like it's easy to see your dive time or NDL without having to get off the camera. But then If you loose the camera you lose your computer (but who's going to drop a multi thousand dollar rig). What do you think; useful or no?


  3. Hi all. I've been a diver for going on 10 years now, and an instructor/technical diver for the last 3. Tons of dives and water time off of the California coast, which is where I plan to do most of my shooting. Just caught the photo bug this last couple months. Currently shooting an A7RIII, with all the fixings. Kinda jumped in the deep end but loving every second of it. Look forwad to diving/shooting with you all.


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