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  1. Which length telescopic legs did you go for? I am about the buy the S (11in to 20in), wondering if that will be sufficient, these look longer in your photo maybe? Thanks!
  2. For exposure I just use the meter on back of camera, no red filter and for macro I shoot the Sony 90mm, thanks!
  3. Thanks for your comment, Its more likely my choice in post production rather than any issue with the colour science, as I often see some amazing graded work shot by other people on the Sony A7SIII with this picture profile. I tried HLG on the Moalboal video (on my YouTube channel) and this nighttime video was shot on SLOG3. I will try dialling down the red a bit on next video, see where we are at. I have been trying to consistently white balance shots and am careful with my grading using Color Finale Pro within FCPX with calibrated monitors etc, but can always learn more for sure! Appreciate the feedback.
  4. Thanks. Of course we can all improve our editing, life is always a learning curve. Always happy to share ideas and learn from others. Do you have any work we can see for some improved ideas? Looking forward to see it!
  5. Each ISO has native ISO, that's correct, I have attached a chart that shows each one. For the HLG3 I believe its ISO 2000 for the higher setting, which is what I used throughout this video. Of course with SLOG3, you get clean files at ISO12,800, so it depends on how deep going, etc, for example as I am using the Sony 28mm F2 lens and WWL-1, if I want to take of the WWL-1 and shoot portraits at wide aperture (which I often do), the SLOG3 wouldn't work, as F2 there would just be far too much light coming in, so its always a choice based on what I want to film.
  6. I didn't use a red filter for any of this. I did start off with red filter when using the 16-35 lens a few months ago (other videos from Puerta Galera on my YouTube with that filter), but actually I realised that with the new white balance range on the A7S3 its not necessary (in my view), all of this is shot just making manual white balance underwater with a slate, and using lights with blue filters thereafter if needing light and it seems to grade fine, saves me losing 2 stops of light by adding a red filter.
  7. Thanks Matt. The website I use for all my music is called ‘Artlist.io’. Annual subscription I think is around 150usd approx. Works well for me as I need music for my work video edits also so saves on buying individual tracks. Glad u like the video. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Elmelodico, Thanks, glad you like the video! Lot of turtles on those dive sites, makes life easier for filming them. I do try to white balance every time with depth changes, maybe sometimes I'm a little lazy, especially if something happens quickly, rather record than do that process, so I'm sure that's the issue that its not spot on with the depths sometimes, very aware of that problem, need to be more disciplined. I've tried different WB techniques, such as the auto where you set the lock button, so you just need something neutral and toggle the button on/off, which works fine, but takes 5-7 seconds to effect, I usually prefer to WB directly off a tank of another diver or a white slate, both work the same (grey or white), same as topside photography. I have preprogrammed top right button to WB, and on there I just have two clicks, wb on, then custom, and press. I notice can also save custom WB, maybe 3 of them, 5-10-15m just for quick changes, but its still not as accurate as manually for every shot of course. With regards tracking, I always just leave the camera on wide focus AF-C for 99% of my shots, that works perfect for me. If im shooting Macro, I use the little adjustable square and just move it to the face of the subject, and same AF-C. Not tried the normal 'tracking' if that's activated only by touch screen as you say, would be interested to know if anyone has figured out how to use that without touchscreen? I don't see hardly any shots out of focus with the method im using, even for super macro on night dives I have use that same method and most is super sharp, if you want to have a look at that video of A7S3 shooting macro at 120fps in night 'bonfire' diving, the link is here for my YouTube of that:
  9. Just wanted to share and discuss with other video shooters using A7SIII. Until this trip I have been shooting always in SLOG3, however for this last weekend I tweaked a HLG profile and shot exclusively with that. I found it fine to use, although colours can be a bit odd to my eye. Always keen to hear from and learn other Sony shooters settings for underwater video. Enjoying the process. All shot in 4K 4:2:2 10 bit, 60fps, PP10, HLG, with A7SIII, 28mm F2 inside WWL-1, using a combination of nitescuba NSV80 lights which I'm currently testing, and my existing Keldan lights.
  10. I recently got the Nauticam A7SIII housing to shoot video and am very happy with it, shooting with the 28mm F2 and WWL-1 that I bought on this forum from @Phil Rudin I just tested the Sony A1 in the same housing today, thoroughly checked all buttons, dials, etc and wanted to just share to anyone who needs to know, the A1 works perfectly in A7SIII housing. I know for the Nauticam A1 housing they sell the adaptor tray for the A7S3, but this is not required if you have the A7S3 housing.
  11. I am also using the Sony A7SIII and A7RIV (currently in a Seafrogs housing) for shooting and filming underwater. I am very happy with the SLOG3 at ISO 12,800 from this camera as well as the slow motion of course. I have some footage on my YouTube channel linked below showing bonfire diving slo mo with this setup as well as some reef shooting in Puerto Galera and grading examples of this camera. I am looking at a Nauticam housing currently and thinking to get the WWL-1B to use with the Sony 28mm, would love to see or hear from anyone using the WWL-1 with Sony 28mm as I want to be sure this is the best quality wide setup I can get. I will probably use the 16-35 with a larger dome also for split shots, just want a more compact setup for day to day diving here in the Philippines. Thanks for any advice. Heres link to my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/garytyson
  12. Hello fellow divers and photographers. I am a British professional photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I have been diving the last few years and dive a lot here in the Philippines and trying to take my topside photography and video skills underwater. I am currently shooting Sony A7S3 underwater in a Seafrogs housing, I am looking at getting a Nauticam rig with the WWL-1 to get the best optical quality I can, looking forward to sharing thoughts on this and my own experiences. I have some video work shot on the Sony A7S3 for both bonfire diving at night and reef stuff from Puerto Galera, all can be seen at my YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/garytyson Thanks!
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