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  1. I am also using the Sony A7SIII and A7RIV (currently in a Seafrogs housing) for shooting and filming underwater. I am very happy with the SLOG3 at ISO 12,800 from this camera as well as the slow motion of course. I have some footage on my YouTube channel linked below showing bonfire diving slo mo with this setup as well as some reef shooting in Puerto Galera and grading examples of this camera. I am looking at a Nauticam housing currently and thinking to get the WWL-1B to use with the Sony 28mm, would love to see or hear from anyone using the WWL-1 with Sony 28mm as I want to be sure this is the best quality wide setup I can get. I will probably use the 16-35 with a larger dome also for split shots, just want a more compact setup for day to day diving here in the Philippines. Thanks for any advice. Heres link to my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/garytyson
  2. Hello fellow divers and photographers. I am a British professional photographer based in Manila, Philippines. I have been diving the last few years and dive a lot here in the Philippines and trying to take my topside photography and video skills underwater. I am currently shooting Sony A7S3 underwater in a Seafrogs housing, I am looking at getting a Nauticam rig with the WWL-1 to get the best optical quality I can, looking forward to sharing thoughts on this and my own experiences. I have some video work shot on the Sony A7S3 for both bonfire diving at night and reef stuff from Puerto Galera, all can be seen at my YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/garytyson Thanks!
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