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  1. Hello, I am trying to decide between two different wide angle lenses 1) BlueWater WA-110 and 2) Dyron Super Wide Angle Lens. These lenses will be used on my Sony RX100Va inside a Fantasea FRX100VA housing (67mm from threads). Ive listed some of the specs below, what are your thoughts. The used prices are within my price range. 1) BlueWater WA-110 specs FOV: 110 deg Weight: 575 g Price about $260 used, $450 new 2) Dyron Super Wide Angle Lens specs FOV: 140 deg weight: 850 g Price about $300 used, $500 new
  2. Finding this thread is awesome timing. I am an amateur photographer and I am just starting to break into UW photography. I am looking for a website ( I already bought my domain name (I think I have the terminology right)) to host my photos. I would love to be able to show off my photos to friends and family as well as document my underwater adventures for personal stuff but I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to website stuff.
  3. I shoot on the Sony A7iii above water and the Sony RX100Va below water. The biggest thing I miss when under water is the ability to back button focus. l'm 33 years old and dive in a 5mm glove when its not summer time and I have a hard time maintaining constant pressure on the shutter button for a half press for focus. I can only imagine how much worse this is going to be as I age and lose finger dexterity. For this reason I am REALLY REALLY considering getting the Sony A6400 or A6600 to shoot with.
  4. I'm looking for a wide angle wet-lens that Incan use on my compact camera housing. I have a Fantasea FRX100VA housing, it has a 67mm thread on it. The camera is a Sony RX100VA it has a focal range of 24-70mm. Anyadvice or leads would be awesome
  5. Sorry to revive a dead thread but I am wondering if others could share photos of their work using the subject ring light. I just got into Underwater Photography and I have a small budget. I'm shooting on a Sony RX100Va In a Fantasea FRX100VA Vaccum housing. I also have a Inon UCL165 ,(+3 diopter) I can mount to my housing. For lighting in am currently using my Kraken Hydra FRS 1000 WSR+ (handheld flash light) mounted to the cold shoe, I've also experimented with the onboard flash. The lighting is just okay. I'm looking to step up my photography but only have a small budget.
  6. I will go ahead and pass on your offer. I am looking to get more into photography than I am video. Good luck with your sale.
  7. Ahh, thanks for the info. I am only diving in about 40ft (10-15m) of water. Let me think about this purchase as I'm putting together my first photography rig.
  8. I'm looking to build an imaging rig for a Sony RX100, can these lights be used as a strobe as well?
  9. Would the SOLA 3800 lights be useable for photography? There is a set for sale in the classifieds section.
  10. I would agree with the above. The 18-135 will be very difficult to use underwater. You might want to consider the 18-105 f4; it might be a bit slow for underwater but it's an amazing lens above water. I also happen to be selling my 18-105 lens if you find yourself interested in it. I used it 2x times before moving up to the A7iii (full frame camera).
  11. I recently bought the RX100Va. I chose the VA over the Vi and Vii for the f1.8 lens, the Vi and Vii have a f2.8 lens as it's fastest apature. Other than the apature and the focal length there isn't much change between VA (24-70mm) and Vi and Vii (24-200mm). Here is the comparison of the VA vs VI: https://cameradecision.com/compare/Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-VI-vs-Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-V Here is the comparison of the VA vs VII: https://cameradecision.com/compare/Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-VII-vs-Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-V
  12. I was not too sure what size arms I should go with. I mostly used the 5" arm as a place holder so I cod build a rough system and corresponding budget. What is the reasoning for the 1x 5" and 1x 8" arm on each side?
  13. Okay sounds good. I will take a look at the sea&sea stuff. I forget who reccomend the S2000 but they enjoyed the performance.
  14. Tim, Here is the spreadsheet Camera Sony RX100VA Housing Fantasea FRX100VA VAC *Note: all values are in USD ($) and "X" = already purchased Backscatter Part Number *Price *Subtotals Base w/ Handles base UL-TR-DM 35 left side base UL-TR-D-UPL 30 ultralight w/ ball UL-AC-H 50 ultralight w/ ball UL-AC-H 50 165 Single Arm clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 5 inch arm UL-DB-05 48 clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 5 inch arm UL-DB-05 48 clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 Ultralight Inon Strobe adapter UL-AD-IN 25 217 Single Strobe Inon S2000 S-TTL IN-S2000 365 Inon Optical D Cable - 17in IN-OPDC 85 Batteries SY-K-KJ17MCA4BA 20 470 Focus Light Inon YS Shoe Base II IN-SHOEBASE-II X Kraken Hydra 1000-WSR+ X 0 Second Arm clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 5 inch arm UL-DB-05 48 clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 5 inch arm UL-DB-05 48 clamp UL-AC-CSF28 32 Ultralight Inon Strobe adapter UL-AD-IN 25 217 Second Strobe Inon S2000 S-TTL IN-S2000 365 Inon Optical D Cable - 17in IN-OPDC 85 Batteries SY-K-KJ17MCA4BA 13 463 TOTAL W/ SINGLE LIGHT 852 TOTAL W/ DUAL LIGHT 1532 Macro Lens Inon UCL-330M67 IN-UCL330 140 Inon UCL-165M67 IN-UCL165 X 140 Wide Angle Inon UWL-100 IN-UWL100-II 300 Inon UWL-H100 Dome Lens Unit II IN-UWL100-DOME 300 600 TOTAL FOR LENSES 740 TOTAL COMPLETE SETUP 2650 TOTAL REMAINING 2272
  15. Would you be able to review the attached document to see if there is anything I have missed. I think I have pieced together a complete underwater system. Im planning to start with a single strobe to learn the basics then add on a dual strobe as funds allow or needs require. I appreciate your assistance. Underwater Lights.xlsx
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