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  1. Hello all, I have a Kraken Hydra 5000 WSR + and spare battery I would like to trade it for your Backscatter 4300 Macro and spare battery set. Hydra 5000 comes with: Hydra 5000 2x battery Battery Charger carry case ys and ball adapter spare seals I am also open to selling the hydra 5000 and battery. I can post photos later this weekend if anyone wants to see them.
  2. Good to know. thanks for sharing.
  3. @davec13o2 Have you made a decision about getting the Backscatter 4300? Did you end up trying it out? What are your thoughts on the light?
  4. Hello all you lovely video shooters I am wondering if anyone has a comparison of the below lights. I am planning to focus on both macro photo and video this summer, for photo I have the Backscatter MF-1. I also have Kraken WSR + 5000 light but I dont really like its user interface, I usually turn it onto strobe mode and I cant figure out how to get it out of strobe mode while underwater. I am hoping for some real life uses for the Backscatter. Yes I have reviewed the Backscatter macro page a ton but I couldn't find anything on the Kraken 5000 video light. Kraken/weefing 3000 Ring Light Kraken/weefing WSR+ 5000 video light Backscatter macro 4300
  5. I just got this cable and its working better than any of the home made cables I have tried to make. I am using an Olympus EPL10 in and AOI housing with the MF-1 https://www.amazon.com/DIVTEK-Connection-Underwater-Photography-55Inches/dp/B082PRK942/ref=pd_ys_c_rfy_rp_m_all_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B082PRK942&pd_rd_r=SPKC68YWD9B7E1VEHKXW&pd_rd_w=OjJ5e&pd_rd_wg=2FUbA&pf_rd_p=5d61ee21-c9c1-4f53-887e-8583c213529a&pf_rd_r=SPKC68YWD9B7E1VEHKXW&psc=1&refRID=DA8SNMVJ9TY65NR08BKS
  6. I would suggest taking a look at this link (1) or (2) Backscatter does a really amazing job explaining how to use this camera and all of its different modes. (1) TG-6 https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Olympus-TG-6-Best-Underwater-Camera-Settings?_ga=2.254891592.1153611367.1618245618-110521651.1616002171 (2) TG-5 https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Olympus-TG-5-Best-Underwater-Camera-Settings?_ga=2.23689722.1153611367.1618245618-110521651.1616002171
  7. If you dont hear back from the OP on this kit feel free to check out my listing. I also have a Sony RX100Va and vaccum housing for sale.
  8. Items still available: Sony A7iii + 1 batteries, if you have a watson charger Ill throw in the 2x charging plates I have for it. $1000 photos. Turns out the EVF was damaged in transit to the original buyer and now I have it fo sale again. Sony 50mm f1.8 $125 photos Tamron 20mm f2.8, used once indoors $150 photos Tamron 28-75 f2.8, $800 photos Sigma 100-400 f5-6.3, this is an EF mount lens and required the MC11 to be used on the A7iii $600 photos MC11 adapter $150 photos Sony 18-105 f4 (apsc lens) $400 photos Accessories: Macro extension tubes, reverse ring, Kirk L-Bracket photos We can work on a price for the small bits. I also have a Sony RX100Va kit for $1,200, I would prefer to sell as a kit. Sony RX100Va Photos underwater housing Photos Macro ring light Photos
  9. @demonboy If you or anyone else reading this are still looking for a Sony RX100Va I have one for sale, Ive linked the thread for your convenience. I have upgraded to something else so we could probably work out a price that is good for both of us.
  10. Bill, I just poked around your site, you have many nice photos. If your interested in getting together for a photo dive I would love to join you. If you run any clinics I would also be interested in joining.
  11. Yesterday afternoon I had a nice chat wit Robin at Backscatter. We were able to chat for nearly 30min. I think my biggest issue is changing my mind set for macro photography. I am trying to move from fish id images to macro images. When using the 60mm macro on a Spanish Shawl I think I'm going to try to just focus on its "head" and rinophores instead of trying to get the whole organism in the image. Ill try to share some photos when I can get back in the water, we are getting rain just often enough to kill weekly diving.
  12. HUUMM, there isnt much differeance between the Oly 30mm and the Pana 30mm. Pana is f2.8, longer and heavier $298 Oly is f3.5, shorter working min focus distance $224 for context the 3 nudibranch that I hunt the most are: Nudi - Size Spanish Shawl Nudi - up to 2.75in (75mm) long Opalescent Nudi - up to 3in (80mm) long Hopkins Rose Nudi - up to 1in (25.4mm) long
  13. I currently have an Olympus 60mm macro on a Olympus EPL10 ( I have this combo). I am typically diving Beach dives in Southern California, USA. I have noticed I have to keep quite a bit of water between my lens and the subject to fit the subject in the frame, for macro I am going after Nudibranch like the Spanish Shawl, Opalescent, and Hopkins Rose. I am wondering if I should look into the Olympus 30mm macro to get closer to the subject? Do you think I should keep diving my 60mm this summer and see if I can get it to work? I'm open to ideas. Olympus has a 2x crop factor so the 60mm and 30mm lenses have a 120mm and 60mm effective focal length.
  14. This is the main reason why I haven't ordered the macro 4300 light. I would really like to try it out and maybe even get rid of my Kraken 5000 WSR Light (its so dang big and heavy). The main reason I don't use the Kraken AND MF-1 is I don't want to have to manage different types of batteries on my adventures. I would have gladly paid a little bit more for the MF-1 strobes if they were able to use the same larger 21700 batteries as the Macro 4300. I also confirmed with Backscatter that the batteries are not interchangeable :-(. For the MF-1 The 5x button press is not that bad at all. its just a simple rapid press on the button, it doesn't have to be exactly 5 but like at least 5. I press the power button repeatedly until I see the status light come on then I know I'm good to go.
  15. Im brain farting here as I cant see a way to edit the post. I have sold the A7iii and Tamron 17-28. I no longer need the Oly 40-150.
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