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  1. Sorry to have hijacked this thread, ill keep it to the OPs original topic.
  2. For me the long working distance of the 60mm can be an issue as I do mostly shore diving so there is lots of particulate in the water column which can be seen with the 60mm but are minimized with the 8mm. See attached images for examples, not particularly good examples though. The dome port was nearly touching thee creatures while using the 8mm fisheye and it still looks like there is plenty of rom to get closer. I don't really have the issue of not acquiring focus but more so of composition. I am still at the phase where I would like to capture a full body image of a Spanish Shawl, for example, and not a tight image of its rinophores and "face". It also turns out I enjoy making CFWA images more than tight macro images at the moment.
  3. I'm not disagreeing, But I currently own a set of the Backscatter MF1 strobes, I was hoping the Q1 would be an inexpensive solution for wide angle, but apparently not.
  4. I spoke with the guys over at Backscatter and they said the Backscatter MF-1 and the AOI UCS Q1 ae VERY similar in performance. the faster recycle times and slightly more power output is due to the second 18650 battery (the MF-1 only has 1 battery and the Q1 has 2).
  5. How does this compare to the Backscatter MF-1? I'm wondering if this strobe will be easier to fire with cameras that have the red led flash triggers. My EPL10 has a hard time triggering the Backscatter MF-1 strobes, but that might be my choice in cheap cables.
  6. Do you by chance have any images that you could share comparing the two ports?
  7. Hey all I have the Olympus EPL10 inside the AOI housing. I am using the Panasonic 8mm fisheye behind the AOI DLP-06 (Acrylic Dome Port) and the Olympus 60mm macro behind the AOI FLP-06 (flat port) and AOI 34mm Extension Ring. I am wondering what would change when of trying out the AOI DLP-04P (Acrylic Semi-Dome Port) for the 60mm macro? Does the semi-dome offer a slightly wider field of view? Does anyone have an image comparison between a flat port and a semi-dome port they could share?
  8. Hello all, As the title suggests I am looking for an example of a photo competition submission form. My club has asked me to help put together a photo competition. Any ideas would be great. I am also thinking of using the following categories; if you can think of other categories please feel free to add to the list.: Beginner: ~Macro/Close Up ~Wide Angle Action Cam: ~Macro/Close Up ~Wide Angle "Standard Camera": ~Macro/Close Up ~Wide Angle
  9. I also have the E-PL10 in the Backscatter AOI housing. I'm using the Oly 60mm for macro and the Pana 8mm for Wide-angle. I was able to buy the Pana 8mm and dome port for less than the Oly 8mm. Honestly I've only dove with the 60mm once, I'm not too sure if I had different expectations of the lens but I didn't like it. I've dove with the 8mm maybe 8-10 times, I much prefer it. The main thing to remember is the AOI housing is a PEN style camera (EPL10) and the port opening is much smaller diameter than the OMD style cameras(Em10, em5, em1) so you can use a lot of the Oly Pro lenses on the EPL10. This has tripped me up a few times when buying new lenses. Now I have the EM1-3 for photography above water and the EPL10 for photography below water.
  10. Awesome video. I really enjoyed the music.
  11. Tim, Do you by chance know what the length of the plug is (see photo below)? I have the AOI Tentacle housing (for the Oly EPL10) and when using the dome port for the Pana 8mm fisheye I have a hard time connecting the fiber cables. Most times I have to remove the Vacuum and port to install the fiber plug when I forget to install the plug before pulling vacuum.
  12. Hey All, Im selling off my Sony RX100Va kit. Sony RX100Va kit for $1,200, I would prefer to sell as a kit. Sony RX100Va Photos ($625) underwater housing Photos ($500) Macro ring light Photos ($200) I am looking to get the Oly 8mm Fisheye if you have that available for sale or trade please let me know.
  13. Hey All, Im selling off my Sony A7iii kit. Sony A7iii (1 batteries), if you have a watson charger Ill throw in the 2x charging plates I have for it. $800 photos Sony 50mm f1.8 $200 photos Tamron 20mm f2.8, used once indoors $200 photos Tamron 28-75 f2.8, $850 photos Sigma 100-400 f5-6.3, this is an EF mount lens and required the MC11 to be used on the A7iii $650 photos MC11 adapter $175 photos Sony 18-105 f4 (apsc lens) $450 photos Accessories: Macro extension tubes, reverse ring, Kirk L-Bracket photo My pricing is a starting point and I'm open to negations. I am also looking for the Olympus 8mm Fisheye if anyone has that lens for sale/trade.
  14. I have tried the 2 local dive shops near me. I have also reached out to Underwater Spotter on FB and Instagram but they appear to be unresponsive as they have yet to get back to me. Also, their webpage is dead.
  15. @Brian MacPhail Do you have any details of your diving activities from CR? My wife has been hinting that she wants to go to CR when we are able to spend some away from our baby. It would be great for me to be able to get in some diving while there as well.
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