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  1. I knew it was going to be tough conditions So I thought that the fisheye would allow me to get closer to my subjects than the macro would and that would eliminate the backscatter between me and the subject. I completely had a brain fart about how much backscatter would be seen due to the wide field of view.
  2. Im not too sure where this post goes, so if it needs to be moved that okay. I was able to get out last Saturday evening/night for a few dives. The conditions were not the best but it was more about learning how to use my strobe that it was about the final image. Here are a few images that turned out to be okay. Camera kit: Olympus EPL10 + Pana 8mm + Backscatter MF1 strobe I was trying to keep just the outed edge of my strobe lighting my subject but I still feel like I was getting A LOT of backscatter. I was using the angler fish strobe position; single strobe @ 12 0'clock, strobe tilted out forward. I'm wondering if I should have had the strobe pointed back at me a bit more? Any C&C is welcomed. Link to photos as I cant upload them here.
  3. Yeah I completely understand that the weather can make or break a dive site but I'm starting to get the feeling the dive operators just want to get people into the water even if the conditions aren't great. This is not the first time I have had these kind of issues. Any ways I digress. I have several "facebook" friends that dive with the Marissa what appears to be monthly if not more often and they are always sharing good times. Fingers crossed you have a good day and enjoy your time in San Diego.
  4. Ive used Waterhorse for diving the Yukon and Ruby E. The boat and crew were acceptable, The dive conditions were defiantly subpar, 3+ ft swells and maybe 2 out of the 15 on board didn't throw-up. I thought the trip was really expensive for the "dive experience" I had on that trip, like bad enough i wont be going back to the Yukon for a long while.
  5. Update on what is available. I am open to negations on pricing on items so please ask if you're interested. Sony A7iii + 1 batteries, if you have a watson charger Ill throw in the 2x charging plates I have for it. $800 photos Sony 50mm f1.8 $200 photos Tamron 20mm f2.8, used once indoors $200 photos Tamron 28-75 f2.8, $850 photos Sigma 100-400 f5-6.3, this is an EF mount lens and required the MC11 to be used on the A7iii $650 photos MC11 adapter $175 photos Sony 18-105 f4 (apsc lens) $450 photos Accessories: Macro extension tubes, reverse ring, Kirk L-Bracket photos I also have a Sony RX100Va kit for $1,200, I would prefer to sell as a kit. Sony RX100Va Photos underwater housing Photos Macro ring light Photos
  6. I was playing with the Pana 8mm f3.5 fisheye on my Oly EPL10 in Jan and Feb this year. Its a fun lens that lets you get close to your subjects like sea slugs and nudi to fill the frame. I haven't been photographing much since Feb since I have been doing a lot of training dives lately. I am really looking forward to getting back to my photography. Im looking forward to you sharing your experiences with the 30mm macro.
  7. Yes it is. Here are a few photos of the light: not pictured is the charger and charge cord. https://imgur.com/a/rrRlyc5
  8. Have you made up your mind about the EPL9/10? I have been using one for the past 6 months and I really like it. I havent been able to dive much lately but when I have used the camera underwater I have enjoyed it a lot. Check out the Backscatter tenticale housing for the epl9/10, its super cool.
  9. Ive been using this light by Volador, I bought for $50 USD about 2 years ago, Its a great light for its price. I like it better than my primary light, the Kraken WSR 1000+. I actually like the Volador branded light so much Im deciding between getting the 3500 or 4000lumen light.
  10. Mother Nature was not happy this past weekend most of the dive boats canceled their trips, the few that did go out had reports of rather poor conditions.
  11. Awesome images. I would be happy if I can make images as good as these.
  12. I would imaging the TG6 would still capture a better image due to it being a larger camera body it would be more stable in the water. there is nothing worse than watching a jittery/vibrating video clip.
  13. Can you share photos of the backside of your lens? where the Backscatter branding is? I am thinking you actually have the AOI UWL 04 which is designed for a 28mm lens and that would explain the vignetting you are seeing.
  14. A guy needs to dream cant he. Welp it looks like im using the 60mm for Nudi hunting and then IF we come across a morey Ill see what I can do.
  15. I could also try for a multi image pano type shot. I dont know if it will actually work but its fun to experiment.
  16. Hey there, I'm heading out on a dive boat this weekend where I am hoping to try to capture a few Moray Eel images and hopefully some Nudi images. I will be diving with my Olympus EPL10, I have the lens options of 8mm Fisheye and 60mm Macro. I'm not too sure which I should use? I know that I can (and will need to) get close to the eels if I use 8mm. I will be using the Backscatter MF1 for a strobe. I'm diving in Southern California, USA with water temps in the mid 50s to low 60s °F Any thoughts, tips, techniques would be appreciated.
  17. Since this is a wet lens, have you tried burping the lens? Sometimes air gets trapped between the lens and the port, you need to remove the lens underwater to get the air out. This used to happen to me often with my Sony RX100Va.
  18. Fixed my type-o. Yes, I forgot to take into account that the conversion factor also applies to aperture equivalences. Thanks for the correction and now that makes sense to get the F1.8 upgrade because you could be shooting at an F8 FF equivalent. for subject separation.
  19. I don't doubt that there will be a TG7, but the rumored specs seem that there is nothing changing that makes the "upgrade" worth it. The sensor is the same but newer (what does that even mean?). The lens is an F1.8 instead of F2, who shoots at f1.8 or 2 underwater? Yes, I under stand there are users who are using this underwater.
  20. What features of the TG4 are limiting your photography? There are other compacts that are "better" cameras but they may not be better for you or your needs. Without knowing anything about your photography skills I would say the RX100 series (Id look at the RX100Va) would be the next step up for you if you want to keep with the compact line of cameras. Has Olympus announced the TG7? did I miss that? I made the mistake of looking up the TG7 on micro43 rumors. Wow is all I can say about the comments. its great entertainment if you need to laugh on the toilet.
  21. If you're going to start with Macro you can also look into the Backscatter MF1 strobe.
  22. I also have a Sony A7iii with a few lenses. I hope that I am satisfied with the results of my Olympus as I don't really want to buy the housing for the A7iii (so expensive), Id rather use that money to actually dive and use my Olympus. As for the 35mm lens do you have a recommendation on what lens to use? I would also need to make sure it works with my port. I will also have to get ahold of Backscatter this week to see what they have to say about video on the EPL10. For lighting I have dual backscatter MF1 strobes, a single Kraken Hydra 5000 WSR+. I was thinking of trying to get the Backscatter Macro 4300 light for video thoughts. I would love to connect with others in the Southern California area to learn video skills from them. Let me know if your interested in meeting up
  23. Hey all I have an Olympus E-PL10 with the Olympus 60mm macro and the Panasonic 8mm fisheye. I would like to try to get into video this summer. What are somethings I should learn about basic videography?
  24. Hello all, I have a Kraken Hydra 5000 WSR + and spare battery I would like to trade it for your Backscatter 4300 Macro and spare battery set. Hydra 5000 comes with: Hydra 5000 2x battery Battery Charger carry case ys and ball adapter spare seals I am also open to selling the hydra 5000 and battery. I can post photos later this weekend if anyone wants to see them.
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