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  1. Be sure to let us know how you like the MF2. I would be interested in the MF2 for 2 key factors: (1) same battery as the MW4300, (2) Backscatter doesn't appear to sell the remote trigger separately, just yet.
  2. Personally I use the EPL10 for underwater and the EM1-3 for above water. My reasoning is that I like the way the Olympus EM1-3 feels in my hand. It lets me have a secure hold on the camera when I am using some of the bigger lenses in the Olympus line up (300F4 and 40-150F2.8). If I could do it again I would have waited for the AOI EM1-3 housing to have hit the market and just get the EM1-3 housing. I do use the EPL10 with the 14-42 and 40-150 plastic fantastic topside when I need to go ultralight when backpacking.
  3. Make sure you clarify with the check in clerk that your bag is oversize and not over weight is it is oversized. I used to travel for triathlon with my bike in a rigid box, they almost always tried to charge me for the overweight fees until I told them to weigh the box,it always came in under the weight limits.
  4. Okay, that's kind of what I was thinking you were doing. I have been thinking about putting an arm across the whole top of my camera to hold my computer as well.
  5. Im not a video guy so take this with a grain of salt. 1) The first clip of the sea lions seemed a bit eratic, maybe try to keep the camera in one spot and let the sealions dart in and out of the frame to convey how fast they move and how playful they are. 2) try panning the camera slower, I felt there was too fast of camera movement for in some of the clips, especially the Farnsworth clip. 3) take me with you next time :-).
  6. Could you share a photo of this setup? I'm trying to picture it but I'm a little sleep deprived and not thinking straight.
  7. Enjoy your new camera. I sure enjoy mine when I get to use it. Don't discount grabbing the 12-100F4 for some topside photography while you are on your trips as well.
  8. Personally I have two option when viz is bad. (1) accept that there will be backscatter and enjoy the art of photography. (2) dont tak your camera and enjoy the dives.
  9. When I originally got into underwater photography I was using a Sony A7iii, I couldn't justify the pricing for using it underwater. Now I'm using the Olympus EPL10 and AOI housing. I was recently considering getting the AOI housing for my EM1-3 but I've realized that I don't dive often enough enough to justify that expense as well. I recently went from 6-9 dives a month to getting 1-2 dives a month (having a 1 year old kid kill do that to a fella).
  10. I have the Sigma MC-11 that I'm trying to sell off. Ive been trying to sell it with the Sigma 100-400 EF but I could break up the package.
  11. I don't own a gopro but I have often thought about getting one to mount on my cold shoe for video when I'm doing photography but then I look at the pricing and decide to just use my kit and go dive.
  12. If you have a link to inexpensive multi core cables please share it.
  13. I have ordered this cable from amazon, it works pretty good but I prefer the coiled cables.
  14. Hey all, I'm in the initial planning phases for a diving trip to the Vancouver Island and Puget Sound region. If you guys offer dive centers to work/coordinate with as well as some must see dive sites. There will likely be a few tech divers, some sidemount divers, and many of us are photographers in this group. My goals for this trip would be to (1) visit some new dive sites, (2) have an awesome adventure, (3) make some print quality photos of Wolf Eels, Giant Pacific Octos, and some images of divers near shipwrecks (again, I'm at the initial planning stages so I'm not too sure if there are shipwrecks here). Also is there a better time of year to visit the region? I'm a Drysuit diver in Southern California and I'm well aware I might need to invest in heated undergarments Thanks in advance for any recommendations you able to provide.
  15. Yes, when I bought the DLP-06 mine came with a neoprene cover for the dome.
  16. You could also consider using "zip ties" to hold the floats in place on the arms if there are slots in the arms.
  17. Hey all, I am wondering if you could share some of your photos of divers with DPVs. I am looking for inspiration on a possibly up coming photo shoot.
  18. Check out a book called "Underwater Photography Masterclass" the author (Alex Mustard) knows a thing or two about underwater photography. There is even a section on using 1 strobe.
  19. All you're doing is getting me excited to get back into the water. I'm hoping to finish up my DM requirements in Oct then I will be getting back into diving for photography. Thank for these photos. Also, how close are you to these creatures I feel the octos would be skittish but I haven't dove with them
  20. Not to hijack the thread but dang, this photo makes me want to dive the PS region even more now. I really want to get some images of Wolf Eels and now I want an image of Giant Pacific Octos.
  21. Absolutely not!! I am responsible for my safety; I check my gas, my kit, my camera, and finally my buddy. I will not take my camera on my first dive at a new location (diving a familiar site for the first time at night is a new location to me). I always will have a chat with my dive buddy (as they are often newer divers) about the dive plan. Many times they don't even realize we have completed our dive plan and brief, I point that out to them as it doesn't have to be a super formal or lengthy. Things like; What tank are you using?, Turn pressure based on the teams tank size, Max depth for this dive, Max time underwater (from the time our head goes underwater to the time our head comes back above water including safety stop or deep stops or deco stops if doing them). Once we have agreed on the limits of the dive I write them on my wrist slate: Turn Pressure:_______ Turn Time:_______ Max Depth:______ Max Time:_______
  22. If my memory recall is correct I believe I was a few feet away. That photo was intentionally taken without flash, I was going for the silhouette look.
  23. @hoekma, I use the EPL10 both the Pana8mm FE and the Oly 60mm macro. I recently got the Oly30mm macro to try out but haven't been able to get out to use it yet. I prefer to put one lens on in a port so that I can focus o one kind of photography per day of diving be it WA/CFWA or Macro. Here (link #1) is an album captured with the 8mm fisheye, there are some original and cropped photos in the album. Here (Link #2) is a second album with some photos captured with the 8mm fisheye. If I remember correctly I tries to get my dome port within 3-4 inches of the subject, except for the octopus, it was sleeping so I stayed back a bit. If you have questions feel free to ask.
  24. The UB88 is defiantly on my list as well. There are so many neat wrecks but I need to get there slowly and safely.
  25. Hey Brett, Funny enough your site is already in my Chrome bookmarks. I usually browse your site/blog when I need a little boost in my diving morale and my gills are drying up (I have a 1 year old so I don't get to dive as often as Id like to). I just finished up a sidemount class to help me learn to manage multiple cylinders and to be able to move them around. and what not. I am planning to dive sidemount as much as I can this next year. I am planning to start working on decompression diving skills and knowledge this time next year or early 2023 depending on my confidence. I have started conversations with one of my diving mentors that I rally look up to about what it would take to get to the Infidel (located on the west side of Catalina, California, USA sitting in 165fsw). We have a shortlist of things I need to work on in order to have solid enough skills to move into decompression diving. (I'm currently 'bouncing" +/-4ft on safety stops he would like me to "bounce" less than +/-2ft on safety stops, I completely understand why this is important). Hey Sid, Oh man my back hurts just thinking about double 104s, I might have to go rebreather at that point due to shoulder issues and not being able to reach the isolator valve with my right arm. Keep up the inspiring photography, and keep sharing your dives.
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