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  1. It should say 4x equivalent magnification might be a challenge to keep steady! I dont think Ill be buying it as the 60mm already puts me too far away from the subjects in my local waters. I have picked u the 30mm macro to try out.....eventually.
  2. Gosh Dang, between you and Becky Kagan Schott you guys are making me want to move up to Michigan to enjoy the beautiful Lake Huron diving. These sites are on mu bucket list for sure. A google search shows the wreck sits in 165ffw, what kind of bottom time are you getting? Your photos shows a diver in back mounted doubles (I'm guessing at least HP100s) and 1 deco bottle (I'm guessing an AL80)
  3. I can barely justify the micro4/3 kit I have as a hobbyist. I couldn't imagine trying to justify anything larger.
  4. The MF-1 paired with a MW4300 (backscatters video light) would make a killer combo. I have MW4300 and I use it with to dabble into video. I really should sell off my second MF1 with snoot. I don't think Ill be going back to dual MF1s now that I have the Inon Z330s.
  5. Hey all, I am looking to sell off some of my Olympus gear. I have an Olympus EM5-3, Oly 9-18 f4-5.6, 45f1.8, 25f1.8, 17f1.8, 12-45f4. I would really prefer to sell the EM5-3 and 12-45f4 as a kit since I bought them that way and the packaging/paperwork is for them as a kit. The Em5-3 comes with everything in the box as if it were new (shutter count is 555, see it in the photos). All the lenses are a 9.8 out of 10 condition, they were used indoors only a handful of times. Oly EM5-3 - $800 https://imgur.com/a/e01QU86 Oly 9-18 f4-5.6 - $350 https://imgur.com/a/InwYWBx Oly 45f1.8 - $300 https://imgur.com/a/jBdlRku Oly 25f1.8 - $300 https://imgur.com/a/jdFasG4 Oly 17f1.8 - $350 https://imgur.com/a/qye4Fiz Oly 12-45f4 - $500 https://imgur.com/a/yWEOcSH Em5-3 + 12-45F4 kit - $1,200
  6. @rickmorgan Honestly, it seems when I am packing up for a day of shooting I pick either macro or wide angle (lets say wide angle for this conversation). I pack my camera bag on Wednesday night and pack my diving bag on Thursday night. Friday night I drive down to the boat for a day of diving on Saturday. I do not bring extra stuff, like the Oly 30 or 60mm macro lenses and the flat port with extension rings and macro strobes. Since I'm geared up for wide angle Ill have my Pana 8mm Fisheye and Inon Z330s (Thanks @adamhanlon :-)). I can guarantee that I will only see small stuff less than 3" long (about 8cm long), this happens nearly EVERY time. I don't want to sound like a millennial but I'm getting tired of always having the wrong camera gear once on out on a day of diving. Its getting to a point that I haven't taken my camera in the water the last few days of fun boat diving. Also, when talking about dive site visibility its not uncommon for our local areas (from Los Angels to San Diego, Southern California, USA) to have 2ft to 80ft (0.5m to 24m) vis. I have been on dives when we started with 50ft (15m) and it dropped to 3ft (1m) in about 45sec but generally we have 30-45ft (9-12m) viz. I think my goal would be to use the 12-40 so that I could be prepared for anything (within reason) that I might come across on my dives. I understand there is a large size range here but these are the things I see. and I think the 12-40 would help with getting photos. Frequent sightings include: California sheephead, garibaldi, kelp bass, kelp snail, kellets welk, chest nut crowie, spanish shawls, sea stars, bat stars, red sea hares, spiny lobsters, sea cucumbers. Every once in a while sightings: hopkins rose, three lined aeolid, sheep crabs, smaller crabs, wreck fish (giant black sea bass), jelly fish, pyrosomes, salps I hope this helps out.
  7. Hey @hoekma I really enjoy the MF-1 for macro and CFWA. Their size and weight (single battery) is really appealing. The strobes are great for what they are designed to be used for. I recently purchased a set of Inon Z330s that I will be using for wide angle stuff. I've recently come to learn (and many people told me this previously) that there is not a strobe that's a do-it-all.
  8. Hey guys and gals. What are you using for AA and 18650 battery storage/holders?
  9. I am currently using the Olympus EPL10 with the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye inside the AOI housing with the 4" acrylic dome. I am considering upgrading to an Olympus EM1-2 inside the AOI housing with the PEN-to-OMD adapter (the adapter is 35mm long) and 8" acrylic dome. This upgrade would allow me to use the 12-40 My question is how would the using the adapter and 8" dome affect the image when I use the Pana 8mm Fisheye. I understand there will be some vignette, I think I am okay with that especially if I can get the versatility of using both the 8mm fe and the 12-40.
  10. When I had my Sony A6500 I also had the 18-135, it was a GREAT all in one travel lens. I took just that lens, the A6500 body and 4 batteries with me on a 2 week backpacking trip through Belgium and Netherlands, best honeymoon ever (it better be as its the only one Ive had ;-). If you want to try out the 18-105G let me know I just found one in my box of camera stuff, its in the original box with all the caps and papers.
  11. So I'm trying to pair down my lens collection to pretty much just the items I use. I currently have the Olympus 12-40F2.8, 12-45 F4 and 12-100F4 Ever since getting the 12-100F4 I haven't touched the 12-40 or 12-45 for above water photography. For my underwater photography I have been using the Pana 8mm Fisheye, Oly 60mm macro, and Oly 30mm macro. Other than underwater photography my photographic interests, basic birding, my 1 year old kid, landscapes, and documenting my families adventures. This is my current lens list (the * means I'm for sure planning to keep): Panasonic: *8mm F3.5 Fisheye Olympus: 12 F1.8, 25 F1.8, 45 F1.8, *30mm F3.5 macro, *60mm F2.8 macro, *300 F4, *12-100 F4, 12-40 F2.8, 12-45 F4, 14-42 EZ f3.5-5.6, 40-150 F4-5.6R, 40-150 F2.8, *8-25 F4, 9-18 F4-5.6 I am currently using the Olympus PEN EPL10 and AOI housing for underwater and the Olympus OMD EM1-3 for above water. I am also thinking about trading in my Olympus OMD EM5-3 for an OMD EM1-2 and then getting the AOI housing for the EM1-2. If I do that then I would sell off the EPL10 camera and housing.
  12. Hey @TimG sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I tried out my travel router by plugging in a hub with both SSD and SD card, the travel router could not copy the files. I kept getting the error "drive not mounted". I do not get this error when I plug the SSD right into the router.
  13. Hey all, I am taking sidemount in water class this week, I know I need to get several (20+) dives under my belt to get comfortable with my new kit but I am wondering if there are any other side mount divers in this group that can share tips and tricks you use? Thanks in advance.
  14. Can you please share some images of the housing and the adapter. Please and thanks.
  15. So I have an opportunity to trade my Olympus EM5-3 for an Olympus EM1-2 + battery grip. The owner of the EM1-2 has mentioned that the camera has a few dead pixels. I'm wondering how much of a concern the dead pixels would be. The owner is a pretty prominent member of the Olympus community who focus on super macro images (he is known as "OneOfOne Photos") and I dont think he would "screw me over" given his reputation within the Olympus community. I originally got the EM5-3 as a back up to my EM1-3 but I cant stand the ergonomics above water. Getting the EM1-2 would allow me to also upgrade my underwater camera which is currently the Olympus EPL10. The cool part is the AOI EM1-3 housing is also compatible with the EM1-2. What do you guys think? Would the EM1-2 be a big enough upgrade from the EPL10?
  16. Hello Adam, What is the difference between a type 1 and type 2 version of this strobe? it looks like you are using Fiber Optics to trigger the strobes, is that correct? If so, I dont understand where the fiber optic cord would plug into this strobe.
  17. I have worn these same glasses in both mountain and road biking crashes, snowboarding, trail running, and now I use them while out and about for diving and DM duties. My kid (1 year old) like to take them off my head and test out gravity with them, they just bounce off the ground and keep going. The lenses have gotten eaten up a bit but they don't have scratches just yet.
  18. I use a pair of Dragons, I got them nearly 15 years ago for like $50. I cant seem to destroy them nor loose them.
  19. Hey there, I just got back from a 2 week vacation (no diving though) and I used the NewQ Travel Router (linked below). I was able to back up my SD cards every night to a USB SSD (Samsung T5). This worked for me as I use SD cards on my Olympus cameras, I'm not too sure if you can hook up a USB hub into the the USB port to have a USB card reader and external SSD drive both connected to transfer files. I could try this week and provide an update. Item Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09T9QKQH7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  20. Awesome to hear. I just got back home from a family vacation that allowed me to travel through Monterey and visit Backscatter. I was able to get hands on with the AOI EM1-3 housing. Holy cow is it nice. I am trying really really hard to not pull the trigger on the housing. I think the biggest thing holding me back is the understanding on how to use the 12-40F2.8 lens with the EM1-3 housing. Will I need a larger port? How will I be able to use the zoom?
  21. I just got the AOI 90° for this same purpose for my AOI EPL10 housing. Im looking forward to trying it out.
  22. Hey Udi, I just found a software package called "Fast Raw Review" there is a free and a paid version. I went for the paid version ($30ish USD), there is a feature that tells you what is in focus. FRR also lets me review my raw images SO SO much faster than my raw processor (I use On1 Photo Raw) For the images you have, you could try adding a vignette or a radial filter to help darken the background.
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