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  1. I have a friend who has a SeaLife DC2000. He is looking for a 45 or 90° viewfinder. Does anyone know if there is such an attachment? Ive looked around the web a bit bit I couldnt find anything so I thought id ask here.
  2. I have had issues with my EPL10 where I needed to burp the fiber optic cord. it was either air in the attachment or I didn't seat it properly to align the fiber to the trigger and reseating it helped the alignment. Hopefully you get it working right.
  3. I have 2x of the 8in long by 1" diameter float arms. would those be of interest to you?
  4. I started out with the Sony RX100Va and then moved up to the Olympus EPL10. I really like ease of use for the EPL10 over the RX100Va. I think you will be really happy with the EPL9/10. If you have any questions about the EPL9/10 please feel free to ask and I can try to answer them for you.
  5. I have one that has never been used for the AOI housing for the Olympus EPL10 . Im not too sure if they use the same focus gear.
  6. I've sent you a PM about a video light I have for sale.
  7. I found a copy of this book at ThriftBoks.com for about $3-4.
  8. I appreciate your comments. I would also appreciate a follow up about your experiences with the new view finder.
  9. Have you considered the Olympus EPL10 and AOI housing from Backscatter? The basic unit is nearly the same size as the TG6 but then you can also use other lenses and ports as you see fit. You could also use any wet lenses that you have for your TG6 on the EPL10.
  10. Hey there Pomacentridae, I in the same position as you. I am looking to add a viewfinder to my EPL10, I do wish AOI had a 45° view finder. I think this would be the best all around compromise. I wonder if anyone local to me rents the view finders.
  11. So I have the EPL10 inside the AOI housing form Backscatter, I use the Panasonic 8mm fisheye and the Oly 60 &30mm macros. The biggest limiter with this camera and housing is the size of the port is a PEN style port, this means that the lens options are more limited. and by more limited that the only PRO lens you can use is the Oly 8mm F1.8. That is not a super big deal for me with the EPL10 but when looking at the AOI housing for the EM1-3 it also uses the PEN size port and that makes me frustrated that I can not use a PRO lens on my PRO body. Feel free to ask any questions and Ill try to answer them for you.
  12. I called Backscatter a week or two ago to talk about batteries and I mentioned that there is a small group of us wanting the EPL10 video guide. They acknowledged that it is something they need to work on but there are other things of higher priority to work on that keep delaying the EPL10 videos. Im sure the BS team will release it sooner than later I hope they see this thread and help us out. Shoot, Id even settle for the release of the PDF of the recommended settings (like they have for photos) until BS can get around to making the video tutorials.
  13. I can guarantee you that the equipment is not m limiting factor. Have $100,000 to spend on camera gear will not make me a better photographer. However having the available fund to spend $100,000 on photography would make me a better photographer. As you said its not the gear its the ability to get out and use the gear you have. There are many many people out there making AMAZING images with the TG5/6 setups.
  14. I see you captured the image of the brown trout. HAHA I couldn't resist making a turd joke. Feel free to ignore me, me wife does.
  15. Hey I remember that thread. This technique has helped me quite a ton.
  16. Oh man, that looks amazing. Im excited to get my skills up enough to to do this kind of diving.
  17. Silly question, Are you sure the lens is fully extended and unlocked? I know I know but I have to ask.
  18. So I went to the shop where I bought the light and batteries from. They informed me that they also noticed that the batteries were a larger diameter than they were in the past. Apparently NiteCore had 2 batteries NL2150 and NL2150HP (HP being high power discharge). NiteCore was able to make the NL2150 match the specs of the NL2150HP by increasing the diameter of the NL2150 ever so slightly. But that change makes the NiteCore NL2150 battery no longer fit the MW4300 battery slots. The scuba shop exchanged the NiteCore brand for the XTAR brand batteries with out a question after explaining the design changes of the NiteCore to me. This is the kind of service that keeps me coming back to smaller brick and mortar shop instead of large internet sites.
  19. Hey all, I am wondering if anyone has any issues with the NiteCore 21700 (NL2150 or NL2150HP) batteries that Backscatter used to recommend for the MW4300 light? the other day I was prepping for a dive and I noticed that the NL2150 batteries were larger than the NL2150HP batteries, large enough that they did not fit into the MW4300 light. I'm now noticing that Backscatter is offering the XTAR brand batteries with the MW4300 light and MF1 strobe.
  20. I was going to ask if you're trying to shoot faster than the sync speed of the strobes but this happens when you have the camera out of the housing. You could also try resetting the camera (which you have already done) then following along with the backscatter setup guide (linked below). I did this with my EPL10 and its been working great ever since. the only thing I change out is the lens and put it in auto mode for my wife, she likes the point and shoot styles playing with all the settings. I'm interested to hear what the root cause of this issue is. https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Olympus-PEN-E-PL10-Best-Underwater-Camera-Settings-Gear
  21. As Chris said the Olympus EPL10 housing is an offering from AOI. Also if 16MP isnt enough then you could look at the Olympus EM1 mark 3 (20MP) with the housing from AOI. The EM1-3 also offers a 50MP Hand Held High Resolution mode. What is your definition of Very Large? I have seen many prints of 24" by 30" produced from the EPL10 with plenty of viewable details.
  22. Wapiti, Close, I am using the Oly EPL10 inside the AOI housing and it does indeed use the PEN sized ports. Yes the FLP-06 has a 67mm thread on the front of it. I will be tying out the Oly 30mm macro behind the port for the 60mm just to see if I like the lens. I might then shell out for the 24mm adapter if I do like the lens, however Im not yet into the super macro stuff. I totally know what you mean Puget Sound is on my list of destinations to visit, as well as Vancouver Island. I really want to see and photograph the Pacific Wolf Eels. This past weekend I was beach diving in conditions that were 2-4 ft viz, not fun but it was great training on how to trust your compass.
  23. Awe man, that is an amazing eel image. I would like to try to capture a similar image this summer.
  24. Are you saying you use the longer port (FLP-02N (60mm macro port) or FLP-06 (included port with housing) + extensions ring) that is made for the 60mm while using the 30mm lens? Do you notice any significant field of view issues? I was thinking of using the AOI FLP-06 (included port with housing) with the 34mm extension ring (its the set up I have) instead of buying another port (FLP-04) for the 30mm.
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