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  1. I'm interested to see how they plan to enlarge the diameter of the PEN port. Adding an adapter does not seem to be the way to enlarge the diameter. I also know AOI has the "aoi-ad-lp-01" (its the PEN to OMD port adapter)available today but it is to be used with the OMD sized housings. Id also be interested in seeing if the EM1iii trigger can be used as a replacement for the EPL10 trigger, it would be nice to have BOTH housings have the same charge cable (USB C) so I only have to pack 1 charge cable for my housings and my phone. But I just realized that my strobe battery charger is also micro usb so Ill have to pack both cables anyways.
  2. This is kind of what I was thinking of doing. Making a few images then moving over to video for a little bit.
  3. I will have a second vote for Fast Raw Viewer. I just finished my trial and I will be buying the software with a smile next time I need to sue it.
  4. @ChrisRoss thanks for the thoghts. Ahh okay, so you think I would be better off sticking with my 8mm fisheye and 60mm macro options. The other option I have is the 14-42 with a +5 or +6 (I cant remember the strength) diopter. I do enjoy the thought CFWA photography but I'm not too sure how well I'm performing it.
  5. I have the Olympus EPL10 in the AOI PEN housing. I just got the Olympus 9-18 f/4.0-5.6 M Zuiko ED Lens, I am a little confused if I should be looking to use the AOI DLP-04P or the ZEN WA-100. My other ports are the AOI branded ports. The AOI port is $225 and the ZEN is $400, I will also need to get the zoom gear. I am leaning towards the AOI but I could use some help deciding. I have been enjoying using my Panasonic 8mm F3.5 behind the AOI DLP-06, I just which I had a little bit more zoom and that's why I got the 9-18. I mostly dive off the coast of Southern California and Catalina Island and when ever I bring my fisheye kit I always find nudies which are tough to get good photos with an 8mm. I hope this makes sense.
  6. @Pomacentridae OH MAN, thanks for this info. This is VERY exciting news. I am interested in a few things. 1) How will the housing use this special adapter to accommodate BOTH the PEN and OMD port sizes? Will the housing come with the "aoi-ad-lp-01" installed (its the PEN to OMD port adapter)? 2) Do we have an estimated price point and or release date? the EPL10 is about $650, EM5-3 is about $900 (without flash trigger), I'm guessing the EM1-3 will be in the $1,000 to $1,200 range. If so, Id be willing to sell off my EPL10 for the EM1-3 housing I would still be able to use the PEN ports so that would be awesome. 3) having the integrated flash trigger will be awesome since the EM1-3 battery is so much better than the EPL10 battery 4) I really hope we can get something fun for the external of the camera housing, I really like my EPL10 tentacle design, Im less of a fan of the EM5-3 camo (but its better than just plain black). 5) I also just got the 9-18 but haven't ordered the port for it yet, I'm wondering if I should hold off and revaluate my lens decisions/choices.
  7. Don't forget that the EM5 and the Em1 housings both use the OMD size port and not the PEN sized port therefore increasing the cost of the ports and the overall size of the system. It might be worth it to price out the systems on backscatter to see which way your budget will allow you to go. Also I wouldn't want to use the 14-42 on the em5 or em1.
  8. @caolino I think it depends on what else you photograph. I upgraded from the RX100VA in a fantasea housing to the EPL10 in the AOI housing. I chose the EPL10 because I like the idea of focusing on one type of photograph per day of diving, I can se up my 8mm fisheye and 4" dome port so I can focus on CFWA images all day long and then tomorrow I can set up my 60mm macro and port to focus on macro for the day. I can also toss the 14-42 kit lens or any other lens in to my bag for documenting my outing while on surface intervals. The biggest thing I noticed was battery performance when upgrading to the EPL10. The battery will last me a full 3 dive day as well as some topside images (selfies with friends, Dolphins playing in the bow wake, birds hangout near us). When I was using the RX100Va I had to use a new battery for each dive and then a the battery for topside fun, I had a plastic case labels for each dive so I didn't mix them up. The RX100 needs to use the built in flash (which drains battery quickly) to trigger external strobes, the EPL10 can use the flash trigger which uses a different battery. Honestly the size of the EPL10 with the 14-42 kit lens is about he same size as the RX100Va when both are in their housings. I am able to take the EPL10 with the 14-42 in my BCD pocket when I am working as an assistant DM (or as a DM is the instructor approves me to bring the camera). This allows me to photograph students first dives after certification with minimum bulk, I leave the tray and lights at home but just bring camera in housing.
  9. Good point. I was actually able to find a different copy of the lens with perfect glass for only $20 more.
  10. The attached photos show the scratch on the front element as well as images captured with the scratched element. I can not see anything in the photos Would you guys mind taking a look to see if you see anything? @ChrisRoss mentioned that the min focus distance is not too close (0.25m) so maybe the lens cant see the scratch.
  11. @ChrisRoss I was planning to use the AOI-DLP-04P (4in semi dome port) from Backscatter. This is what they recommend for the EPL 10 housing. @Architeuthis thanks for the vote of confidence that this is a good combination.
  12. Those that have used it. What are likes and dis-likes? I found a copy of the lens for $260. It has a small scratch on the front element. I'm trying to get photos of the scratch. I would be using this lens for CFWA type photos. I really like using the Pana 8mm fisheye lens but sometimes I feel I'm getting too close to the creatures for their comfort. Also, if you have used it can you share photos made with the 9-18?
  13. Hello all, I cant wrap my head around this maybe its the lack of sleep right now. I have the Pana 8mm F3.5 Fisheye, is there any benefit to looking at the Oly 8mm F1.8 Fisheye? Most of the time I have the lens stopped down to around F8. Does the Oly gather more light than the Pana is they are both at F8? If so would the Oly be a faster lens if both are set to F8?
  14. that's not wrong. The way I look at underwater photo/video equipment is "Can I continue with my needs in life should I destroy this camera?" This is why I went with a micro4/3 camera and housing instead of a phone housing (I still need my phone to operate daily). I assumed you used your A6500 for above land paid work and if it were to get destroyed how would it impact you life above water? Keeping your undewater gear and above water gear separate would allow you to continue to operate as normal. thats just my thugths.
  15. hey all, I have a Olympus EPL10 in an AOI Housing. Lately I have been using a single Backscatter MF1 (with and without snoot), I have been considering adding my Backscatter MW4300 to the other arm for the change to do some video. Is it silly to try to do video and photos on the same dive? I know MF1 is not strong enough to double as a video light and the MW4300 is not strong enough to double as a photo light. Im trying to make the best use of my time underwater as Im not able to get out to dive as often as Im used to (I now have a 6month old little boy, and he is awesome).
  16. I have a Sony 18-105 F4 collecting dust. If you might be interested in that lens please let me know. I had the RX100Va in a housing, I personally felt the camera was too limited by its focal range, too wide for macro and too tight for wide angle. Something you might want to consider if your looking to buy a new camera and housing is the Olympus EPL10 package from Backscatter. Its a step up from both the TG6 and RX100 cameras but its also very affordable ($1300 for camera and housing). You might eventually ant to upgrade to a fisheye lens and port if you find that you really enjoy wide-angle.
  17. Backscatter has recommend wet lenses for the EPL10 (I know its not the epl7 like you asked about). They are recommending using the AOI UWL 09PRO or the UWL M52 lens. Personally I use the EPL10 with the Panasonic 8mm fisheye. I will be trying out the 60mm macro this year.
  18. The real question is will the new OM1 fit inside a housing designed for the EM1-2 or 1-3? I would be interested to see that and if not I wonder how many used EM1-3 housings will be on the market within the next year. This could let me upgrade from my EPL10 to the EM1-3.
  19. I use a Kraken/Weefine WSR 1000+ light to focus when I use a focus light. Im also using the Backscatter MF1 which has a target/focus light built in and it does a great job.
  20. I believe Olympus is going to put a lot of effort into the computational photography aspect of the hardware in the camera. I don't know how that is going to be useable for us as underwater photographers. Only time will tell, but I know Ill be on the lookout for used gear as people jump off the micro4/3 ship if the new camera falls flat.
  21. On second look I'm interested in one of these Orca Torch lights. Please let me know how to best proceed with the purchase, can you do a better price for both of the lights? Also can you provide a shipping estimate for shipping to 92336 USA.
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