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  1. You might have her look at a book called "Photography Masterclass". Its written by this guy named Alex Mustard, there are rumors that he visits these forums. I review the book before my diving days so that I can review the techniques I want to use.
  2. Hello all, Im looking to buy an AOI UMG-05 for my AOI EPL10 housing. IF you happen to have one sitting on a shelf unused please let me know.
  3. The ONLY benefit the Olympus EM5-3 has over the EPL10 is the separate shutter speed and aperture control dials. However in my research I found its nearly a 70% price increase (price difference of housing (using both as AOI housings), camera body, and strobe trigger) for the addition of control dials.
  4. I have been using the EPL10 in the AOI housing for the last year. You can se some of the images on my instagram, @DivingWithDan, most of the photos are using the EPL10 + Panasonic 8mm fisheye. I do not have any wet lenses so I chose to go the route of dedicated lenses and ports. the EPL10 came with the 14-42, I also have the Oly 60mm F2.8 macro and port for it. I really like the small package that the EPL10 offers, and since you have the wet lenses you will just need the camera and housing. When I can get back into the water I am going to be taking the 14-42 lens out for a spin, The local squid run is starting to happen so I think it would be a good opportunity to try out the 14-42. I can share photos if I make it out in time for the squid run. Edit: I also upgraded from a Sony RX100Va to the Oly EPL10.
  5. After looking at the Backscatter page and talking with them there is zero advantage to getting a tg6. I'm just going to bring my EPL10 with the kit lens and basic housing. It's nearly the same size as the tg6 in a housing AND I already have everything I need to get going. I know it's not going to produce the best photos but it will still capture photos and memories.
  6. The three bold phrases are why I do not want a gopro. On amazon a gopro 10 is $430, gopro 9 is $330 a TG6 is $400. I'm a photos person the only videos I've captured are when I accidently hit the video record button. I don't see myself using the video features but the ability to zoom on the TG6 seems nice for smaller objects. ahh decisions decisions. Comparison between TG6 and GP10 : link
  7. I used to use Viper fins (http://www.viperfins.com/) when I was an avid bodyboarder and bodysurfer. Look into the V7, they might be just what your looking for.
  8. On my last night dive I didnt want to have my camera in my car all day so I didn't bring a camera. We saw several Three Lined Aeolid (i thin they were super tiny), several spanish shawls, a hopkins rose, turbo snails, kelp snails, chestnut crowies, welks. There was so much life I was super bummed that I did have a camera with me. I know I could also use my tray and strobes from my Olympus EPL10 kit but that kind of defeats the purpose of this camera to be small and pocketable. I know hte photos wont be the "best" with a TG-6 and a flashlight but it would have been nice to have a camera for this dive.
  9. Hey Chris that makes sense. for more context the other night I did a night dive I have room in my cars trunk for my scuba kit and 2 cylinders. I don't have room for my camera kit, so I have to keep it in my back seat. I work in a not so good part of Town so I get nervous leaving it in my car all day. I was thinking the tg6 would be able to join on these kind of dives.
  10. So I have a full Olympus micro 4/3 kit. But lately I've been thinking about getting an Olympus TG-6. I am thinking I could take this on some beach dives that will be shallow and when I don't want to faf with a full camera kit. Does this make any sense?
  11. I agree. It would be neat if there was a way to add a second processor to the battery handgrip. You could have the EM1 (without the grip) install the grip and now you have the horsepower (second battery and processor) of the EM1x.
  12. Well not quite true. Olympus is still a business they just are not a photography business any more. The Photography is now Run by OM Digital. Only time will tell, good thing I'm happy with my current Olympus / OM kit.
  13. I honestly never understood why Sony kept so many camera bodies on the market at the same time. They have (on B&H) available to purchase 13 different models of camera, that's a lot to keep in the manufacturing pipeline. It makes sense why they are stopping the camera lines that have the FW50 battery packs since they are so small and drain really really quickly and they have the A6600 that has the FZ100 battery that is way better than any of the other APSC bodies. To me it makes sense for them to either focus on the Point and shoot line (RX100iiv and ZV-1) OR the APSC line with the A6600 as well as keeping a few of the bodies from the current full frame line up (A7iv, A7Riv, A7iiis, A9ii, A1). Also, who knows if they are still making the RX-10 live of cameras as it also takes the FW50 battery. Olympus also does this and they should also think about limiting their line up; they have 6 camera lines (TG, PEN EPL, EM-10, EM-5, EM-1, EM1x). The PEN -EPL, EM10, and the EM5 are so similar they should consolidate them into one camera line for the entry level user. The EM1 and the EM1x are just different enough it makes sense to keep them both; unless there isn't going to be an update to the EM1x then just give the EM-1 the firmware update to make it like the EM1x. Olympus promised a new WOW camera soon so hopefully they aren't spreading themselves too thin across several camera bodies in a quickly shrinking micro4/3 market, unless this WOW camera is taking the place of the EM1x. I don't really follow other camera brands so I can speak to them but 2022 should be an exciting year for camera companies and we shall see how they respond to more and more cell phone camera users.
  14. Hey all, Has anyone used the subject lens? what was your experience like with it. Would you recommend purchasing it? I cant really find any info out there on this lens, maybe thats a sign?
  15. I would love to head up to Vancouver Island, British Columbia or over to Silfra, Norway for some diving.
  16. You could also look into the Olympus TG6 and housing if you want a compact camera ($6-700). If you are looking for something with an interchangeable lens then you cold look at the Olympus EPL10(Camera and housing on sale for $1,200). You can build up either system with wet lenses and lights as you need them, with the EPL10 you can change out the lenses (and ports) for wide angle or macro if you don't want to go with wet lenses. I currently use the EPL10 for stills but I am looking to start learning Macro and CFWA video in the near future.
  17. Hello, Im wondering if anyone is using this light? I recently purchased it and I noticed that the flash diffuser from the Backscatter MF1 also fits onto the 4300MW. Is there any benefit to using the diffuser on the 4300MW? Wouldn't it does it defeat the purpose of designing a nice even wide angle beam?
  18. Hey there I have a friend who is interested in getting a TG6 and housing. Let me reach out to her and see if she is interested. Ill try to get back to you ASAP.
  19. I have a 18-105 F4 lens in great condition. let me know if you need a lens.
  20. Depending on the location one thing you can count on is the divers on a photography trip will have better buoyance and will silt out the dive site A LOT LESS. I really with I would have taken the photo of my last dive outing where a guy was literally sticking his whole fin under the sand to try to remain stable and never looked back to see me and the nudi I was trying to photograph covered in sand. needless to say the whole area was silted out and unusable. It sucks when you try so hard to keep you area "clean" for your photos and then some jack-wagon comes through and dusts you out.
  21. When using the Olympus 60mm Macro, or any other macro lens for that matter, do you set the lens to 1:1 and then "rock back to front" for focus or do you autofocus when you find your subject? I'm planning to use my 60m macro on my next dive so any tips ya have would be appreciated.
  22. Hahaha yeah, that was a tongue in cheek comment but it was probably hard to pick up on the context of the comment via the internet. I have Read Alex's book at least 2x times fully through.
  23. Hey Tim, Thanks for the tips and the link Ill defiantly be reading that instead of the aerospace specs I'm supposed to be reviewing today for work ;-). Oh yeah I forgot how relaxing and soothing the ocean is, it was defiantly a weird feeling (almost a selfish feeling) to be away from the family for the full day. For the non snooted images (#1 and #2) of the Hopkins Rose, a nudibranch, I had the strobe positioned at about the 12 o'clock position but it was behind the subject pointing back towards me, this was intentional to try to minimize the light hitting the particulates and minimize backscatter (you can see the hot spot of the center of the strobe behind the nudibranch, I have added some text to the photos to help with descriptions). I feel that I read about this technique in a book written but this guy who kind of sounds like he knows what he is talking about, you might have heard of him, Alex Mustard (JK, thanks for all the knowledge you share for free Alex). Unfortunately, since I was shooting with an 8mm fisheye (on a m4/3) the Nudi #2, #3, #4 are already cropped to 100% so I'm not to sure more cropping would be beneficial. I defiantly want to get back in the water and try out my 60mm macro, I haven't used it underwater just yet.
  24. I was able to get out last week for a day of diving over at Catalina Island, California, USA. This was my first day of diving in the last 4 since my son was born. It was so nice to get back in the water. Lets hear your Photo Critique please. There was an open water class of about 6 students on this dive boat and the silt/sand seemed to just get everywhere all day long from them, im not complaining (we all started there) but its defiantly a pain to deal with. Camera: Olympus EPL10 Lens: Panasonic 8mm fisheye Lighting: Backscatter MF-1 + Snoot Images: Photos (Imgur link)
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