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    Ikelite DS160, Orcatorch D910v, Kraken Hydra 1000+
  1. I bring it with my carry on. Don't give it much more thought than that. Make sure to remove O-ring.
  2. It is very nice of you. I will take it if its still available. I'm in Oakland, CA.
  3. I ended up grabbing a couple of cheap 12000 lumen lights on Ebay. They seem well constructed... See how they go. I picked up a couple of Divepro blue filters as the Ebay lights have the same color temp and head diameter as the Divepro lights. See how it works out. Report back on it.
  4. Regarding homeowners issue, appreciate the thought. Will look into it.
  5. I am doing my first trip with the 80D in Dec 5. I was trying to keep everything under 5K too as the OP was. Ended up with refurbished 80D from Canon refurb site (works great), Ikelite housing (trade-in for old 20D housing), 2x Ikelite DS 160 and a couple of new lens including Tokina 10-17, dome port, etc... Spent some time just shooting around the house with Ikelite housing to get used to buttons, etc... and found some problems. Sent it back and then had other problems with some buttons not working and camera not sitting properly in housing. Ikelite was very supportive and paid for shipping each time. Just a little disappointed that I had to send it back twice prior to even taking it underwater. Not having any problems currently, but will report back on 80D and Ikelite housing when I return from Australia.
  6. Figured... Will have to wait for for lights to drop in price. Not ready to put a couple grand each down on lights. Thanks though...
  7. Interested in what lights you used and how you attached the blue filter to them. I have the Keldan spectrum filter and magic filter. Would be nice to add some light when using a red filter. I use a pair of Orcatorch 910v's 5000 lumen lights. 53mm head. I haven't been able to find something that will fit.
  8. Brian... getting back into underwater photography. Started with a point and shoot, then to DSLR with Canon 20D, then back to point and shoot with Nikon AW130. All mostly on auto, shitty photos for most part. Decided to get more serious. Been reading a lot and getting better with shooting on land. Decided to go back to DSLR underwater and went deep with Canon 80D, Ikelite housing, 8" dome port, port extension, 2 DS160 strobes, 2 Orcatorch D910v lights, Kraken focus light, Sigma 17-70, Tokina 10-17, Kenko 1.4 TC, Keldan Spectrum filter for Sigma and magic filter for tokina, arms, floats, etc.....
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