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  1. LOL. Yup. All my current camera equipment is used to see what I liked in the way of photography. Years later I'm ready to upgrade, but now I have to make a decision. Hum...Read a little more and am leading towards the BS MF1. I just don't think me purchasing one Inon Z330 and one Ys-03 is going to have me lighting up the Antilla like I envision in my head (dreams). But I COULD get some decent macro shots. Decisions, decisions... Thanks again for everyone's thoughts.
  2. 100%. That's where I'm at now. Looking to upgrade, but it's so tough to choose. I will never be able to afford the best of the best (Retra Pro/Prime), but something better than the YS would be nice (but so would the ability to snoot without guessing).
  3. I've inquired a bit about strobe/snoot thoughts and I've narrowed it down, but have a conundrum as I have learned I can't have it all. I have a YS-03 and Sea Dragon. Both have GN 20 and 100° with diffuser. Me and the snoot I have on the YS-03 have been fighting because there's no focus light. I briefly had a YS-01 with a snoot and the focus light could not be seen with the snoot on. This leaves me shooting blindly, repositioning, shooting again... Being in NE there's a heavy macro marine population, but the few times I travel in the year I could be shooting larger critters, though even then I'd say I look for the macro. I am only going to upgrade one due to cost. The Retra Pro/Prime strobe is a no. I'd have to sell a dog, or both, to afford it along with the snoot. My conundrum is, do I upgrade to a better overall strobe with a snoot or do I focus on upgrading to a better snoot. Here's what I'm debating: Inon Z330. Not sure if the focus light is strong enough to be seen through snoot. The Retra snoot looks cool, but people report the focus light is off-center making it frustrating (this would be my current situation). There are a few cheaper snoots that say they've adjusted for the off-center light. I'd probably start with a cheaper snoot option since the Retra snoot alone looks like I may need to sell the cat too. Backscatter mini-strobe & snoot. By all accounts looks amazing for snooting, but I'm not impressed with it's strobe stats. However, does it really matter? The few sharks/ rays I shoot does a GN of 18 (BS) vs 33 (IN) really make that much of a difference? Is the 90° (BS) vs 110° (IN) really going to be noticeable to this entry level photographer? If you had to pick one would you upgrade to a better quality strobe with a cheaper snoot to start OR would you upgrade to a better snoot with a less quality strobe? Thanks for the brain pick.
  4. Thanks TimG. I'm struggling what to do. So many individuals are suggesting I keep the YS-01 (GN 20, 100°) and pair it with the backscatter (GN 18, 90°). My thought is to invest in a better quality strobe that I can fit (even make) a snoot for. Hum....
  5. Question: It sounds like the Retra designed the snoot to help correct for the focus light being off-center on the Z330. Stupid question because I'm thinking of getting the Z330 (currently have a YS-01), can you see the focus light well using a snoot with the Z330? The YS-01 has a "focus light", but when using any snoot on it dulls the light you are essentially shooting blind. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! That's what I'm dealing with now. JUst guessing and hoping to get it right.
  7. I was just looking at the 10Bar. Looks like it has an external focus beam? Is the focus light on the Z330 not strong enough to see with a snoot on it? Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks hyp. I'll have to look into the 10 bar. The backscatter does seem fun but I don't want to sacrifice strobe power just because I want to occasionally snoot. Hum....
  9. I put a snoot on my YS-01. I love it, but struggle because the focus light on the YS-01 is so weak it does not penetrate the snoot. So I'm left guessing where to shoot.The problem is, I want it all.1) A decent strobe upgraded from the YS-01 that I can shoot with a snoot without the guessing of where the light will land. It needs to have a focus light that can penetrate the snoot. I'd love something more powerful to add to my photography equipment.2) The ability to take the snoot on/off so I can use the strobe as a strobe (The FlipSnoots are pretty cool for this)3) Affordable (Affordable is defined as <$700 ideally)Is it a pipe dream?And I know many of you are going to say Backscatter Mini Flash with Snoot, but I can't find the specs on it?I don't think it's any more powerful than my YS-01 so I struggle to drop the coin for upgrading to something with a focus light. I'd rather go all in on something that will upgrade both my strobe and snoot experience. Most of the time my focus is on not snooting, so I'd rather upgrade the strobe with the option to snoot (not the upgrade the snoot with the option to strobe)If there's something that is >$700 tell me about it so I can decide which kid to sell off. (It's a joke...maybe) I hear the Retra strobe is da bomb for a lot of $$$. My eyes have been looking at the inon z330 or Ikelite DS160, but I'm not sure of the snoot ability or focus light situation. TIA
  10. GREAT information. Thanks! I'll be shooting with the 16-50mm kit and likely set it to AF-A. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks! It does look like it comes with it, but maybe I'll call BH Photo to make sure. They said it is included in the kit so it looks like I will be all set. I didn't think going form the a5000 to the a6300 would be such a learning curve, but it is. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't figure out how to zoom and then thought "I'm diving with this camera in 7 days. My other housing had a lever to zoom, how the heck does the Fantasea zoom?" Thanks for your help! I think I can see online you have to stack up rings and then you can manually zoom in/out with the zoom ring.
  12. PHEW! I knew it was a dumb question. The housing is coming in this weekend and I'm leaving for a trip on Wednesday and I kept thinking "am I missing something?" THanks! See, dumb question.
  13. Brand new Sony a6300 user (previously owned a5000). The sony a5000 had the zoom in/out on the top where the shutter release is. I can see that I can assign features to various keys. I tried assigning the AF/MF button to zoom. Failed. It didn't do anything. I will be using this camera underwater and I gather I won't be able to use the zoom ring. I've tried figuring this out via online videos, but none of them see to dial down to this one thing I can't figure out. Help! I know it's easy and it's likely starting me in the face. How do I get this thing to zoom in/out without using the zoom ring? THANK YOU!!
  14. Thanks! I have to agree with the improvement. A dive friend purchased their a7 and it looks much better than the sony a5000 model I had where the levers literally snapped only 2 dives in on the one. I was quite impressed with his housing compared to the original sony a5000. That said, I'm still gun shy.
  15. Thanks! That's good to hear. Something I'll think about then.
  16. I've heard good things about fantasea. I didn't know they had housing for the Sony a models. I'll take a look, but I gather the Fantasea a5000 is hard to get, but maybe the Sony a6300? Thanks!
  17. I have a Sony a5000 and have unfortunately gone through two Meikon housings. Each time the zoom lever (the spring) broke. The one only last 3 dives. No refunds/exchanges offered by the company. Super sad face. The Nauticam Sony a5000 housing has been long discontinued. Money is tight clearly. If I had the money I would've bought the Nauticam or Ikelite housing a long time ago. I have a friend who is willing to sell me a Sony a6300 for cheap, but there's no point if I can't find a reliable housing. For this reason I'm in search of a Nauticam or Ikelite housing for a Sony a5000 or Sony a6300. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  18. Have you found good luck with the SeaFrogs/Meikon line?
  19. Greetings from New England where we find fun in walking out gear in over rocks and boulders to dive in 32F waters with 10 foot viz. Newer photographer. Thanks for having me!
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