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  1. New condition I used for 3 dive the housing upgrade with aluminum lock ring for wacp or to add wight to dome port for balance the rig this cost me 200$ Price 1700 + shipping cost and fees +972528907644 WhatsApp
  2. Hello price for macro port 110 and 35.5 port adapter
  3. Amazing video can tell me Which tool do you use for exposure?and did you use a red filter with which lens you use for macro thank
  4. 140mm glass dome port sold 8mm Olympus fisheye sold 17mm extension ring sold
  5. Price dropped For sale nauticam gh5 with upgrade aluminum look ring not plastic like the standard with this upgrade you can add Weights to balance the dome or add big lens like Wacp for nauticam gh5sv 1700$ nauticam n85 n120 55mm port adapter 300$ nauticam n85 n120 47mm port adapter 300$ nauticam zoom gear for Olympus 12-40 100$ nauticam zoom gear for Panasonic 7–14 100$ hdmi cable for atomos ninja v to gh5 100$ Camera gh5 800$ Olympus 12-40 550$ The equipment is in new condition barely used it without any signs of use. Like new with the original box I will send pictures on WhatsApp+972528907644
  6. Olympus 8mm fisheye sold 140mm glass dome port sold 17mm mini extension ring sold
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