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  1. Firs thank for your time friend Another example if I want to use this lens 8-18 and I want to use 180 port glass I will not be able to install Focus
  2. Nauticam port card shows that can also used 47mm port adapter plus 20mm extension ring I will send an email to Nauticam thank you
  3. I want to buy focus gear but it can not be installed because the small knob gear on the port adapter is location near zoom lens wheel can’t phase the shift if phase it will stack in zoom gear
  4. the focus gear inside the port adapter (small one in the photo) is very close to zoom gear and does not allow to install focus gear knob located close to the zoom wheel
  5. Hello Does anyone have this lens here along with gh5 47mm port adapter 20mm extension ring I think something is wrong here Can't figure out how to install focus gear because the gear of the 47mm port adapter is really close to zoom gear
  6. Hello I use a gh5 camera with a ninja V external monitor and when I connect an hdmi cable the camera does not switch to power saving off (sleep mode )this option by the time I chose someone know an option to save battery because I don’t want to open the housing in the dive site to change the battery if the hdmi cable not connected to monitor the automatic sleep work
  7. My shutter speed is 180 I'll try to shoot at 120
  8. Panasonic users I will ask for your help I am new on the video world I use Panasonic gh5 25fps 100mbps 8bit manual Wb Every few meters with a gray card Olympus 8mm fisheye lens with close Aperture Between (5.6 -11)+1.5 step keldan red filter +2 x8 12000lm keldan light All the clips come out with lots of noises and grains over 10 meter depth Especially on the sides and far places it should be noted that I turned the (i dynamic range) mode to high mode and (i resolution to high)I do not know if this is what causes the noise I use at low iso no more than 800 iso and color profile vivid Does anyone know the problem?
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