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  1. Price dropped 1000$
  2. Chris What do you suggest to do a white balance with a gray card and left light on or set the camera to the Kelvin of the light in my case it is 5000kelvin
  3. Thank you Chris I use a filter for lighting according to what I understood the camera has a hard time to do white balancing without a red filter on the lens what also I sometimes I want to shoot in the same dive portrait fish with same 90mm lens otherwise I would remove filters from the lighting and put 5000 kelvin in the camera my lighting is keldan 12000 flux 5000 kelvin
  4. Absolutely right I have a pair of keldan 12000lm but the background will be a different color If I move a little away from the object
  5. Thank you lsaac szabo i thank the lens to close to the glass for super macro lens like cmc /smc I
  6. Hello friends Is there anyone who uses Sony A7siii with nauticam housing Sony 90mm lens I ordered today macro port 105 for Sony 90mm lens part 37126 My question I am using keldan filter on front of the lens. Will there be space inside the port for the red filter ?
  7. Thank friend but I looking for nauticam part
  8. Can anyone help me find this part attaching a picture I think it’s nauticam but can’t find 
  9. Can anyone help me find this part attaching a picture I think it’s nauticam but can’t find
  10. For sale nauticam 18809 glass dome port new condition 1100$+shipping cost and PayPal +972528907644 fee
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