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    Taking Pictures above and under water.<br />I also spearfish i Dk and Norway.<br />And i am very intersted in life under water.<br /><br />Electrician by proffesion.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Hard not to feel a bit of envy....
  2. When my focus-light(any suggestions for a cheap good focus-light?) isn't flooded i normally use that when shooting macro so i havent had any problems with focus. After reading the thread i must say that im leaning towards the 60d. It doesn't sound like i will be needing the extra gadgets the 7d´s got. Another thing. I made a new thread on my phone and i ended up posting in this thread? Thank you Mads
  3. Hi All. On my latest trip my trusty old 350d(rebel xt) started acting out. So now I am considering upgrading to either 60d or 7d. Of course 60d would be the cheaper choice but I wonder if there would be any drawbacks buying the 60d instead Of 7d? Mads says thanks
  4. Thanks. We were on a liveaboard. A first for me. It was really great. 3 dives a day plus 1 nightdive. Hope to get back there some day.
  5. Just wanted to share some of the pictures from my first trip in blue water with a camera. http://www.flickr.com/photos/61718631@N03/...57629296612335/ We were a bit unlucky with the visibility. But overall a great trip. I can really recommend The Maldives..... Feel free to comment. Mads
  6. Man!! #2 is spectacular... Mads
  7. I have also found that keeping them in a ziplockbag is the easiest. I clean and lube them up a bit before putting the o-rings into the bag and I Re-lube and re-clean befor use. Mads
  8. http://e-activist.com/ea-campaign/clientca...rce:Landingpage I have used google translater. This is the left side of the site: April is a dangerous time for the whales in Norwegian waters: Harvesting season is underway. Harpoons and rifle shots will send 1,286 minke whales in death - Protests now - let the Norwegians know that the catch is no rhyme or reason! Norway is one of the three countries in the world who defy the international ban on commercial whaling. This is inconsistent with its reputation for being an animal-friendly country. Norway officially admit that at least one of five hunted whales must endure prolonged suffering before death occurs. Whale movements, high waves and low visibility are all factors that make it absolutely impossible to kill a whale at quick and painless manner. High catch quota but low demand for whale meat Less than 1% of the Norwegian population eats whale meat for a day. The vast majority of Norwegians also believe it is totally unacceptable that the whales suffer a painful death - it shows a poll from 2009. Thousands of Norwegians have just delivered a protest letter to Prime Minister. All calls to catch stops. The government claims that they only get a few complaints about catches. They have given permission for the biggest catch in 17 years. We must change. Protests now! Let us show the Norwegian government that we are many who are against animal abuse. Write in a protest letter to Minister - convincing him that the catch has to stop. And the right side: We will use your signature to push the Norwegian government - catch must stop! In June of rows we all sub scriptures at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission, IWC. First Name * Surname * Email Address * Phone Number Nationality * Keep me informed * Yes No. Dear Prime Minister Stoltenberg CC Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Fisheries and Coastal Affairs I am very disappointed that a modern and forward-thinking country like Norway still allow whaling. Your government's new law on protection should just prevent animals from being exposed to suffering - but it is clearly not marine mammals. This year, you will catch 1,286 minke whales. It is unknown how long the whales suffer before they die because the controls on the ships ended in 2003. But recent data suggest that while hundreds of whales will suffer 2-3 minutes before death occurs, any portion whales suffer from severe pain in a full hour or more. Despite years of investigations have failed experts during the Norwegian government to find a method that can kill the whale quickly and painlessly. Suffering is unnecessary. The industry has not even economic prosperity - the demand for whale meat is low and declining. Just 1% of the Norwegian population eats whale meat for a day - shows a poll from 2009. Norway is one of only three countries in the world that goes against the international ban on commercial whaling. Several countries in the world have realized the benefits of whale-watching instead of catch - a solution that is far more sustainable and profitable long term. Not least is the better for the animals. This industry is worth 2.1 billion U.S. dollars divided among 119 countries. That makes it a lucrative industry - and whales do not pay with their lives! Whale catch consumes your reputation as a country that fits on both nature and animals. Now think of the future - consider switching to whale-watching instead of hunting. It may be worthwhile for both the government and the whales. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope that a lot of you will sign it so that we can help stop, whaling in my neighbour country. Mads
  9. Stumbled across this camera. Is it any good? http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/jvc_fm1.html
  10. Hi Dave. I did a test in a well lit pool and in a bathtub. But i have decided too sell it and buy a new camera. I have a budget of around 550usd. The camera will mostly be used for filming freedivers and spearfishers so it needs to be compact. So video is more important than prints. It will be used in green water from the surface to 20meters. I have considered Canon ixus 200 and panasonic tz7. They both record in 720p. But I dont know anything about video so there might be something better out there. Thanks Mads
  11. Hi Snappy I also use an 8" dome. But on a 350D housing. It feels quite loose but when you get under water the vacuum makes it more steady. I haven't had any problems with leaks. You could try to tighten the screws on the clamps that hold the port in place. Kind Regards og god weekend Mads
  12. Simply awesome Personally I would like too avoid the worms...
  13. Hi all. I have just bought a GoPro HD(http://www.goprocamera.com/) I intended to use for freediving/spearfishing because of the size. Tiny! But when I tried it underwater the focus was really bad. It works perfectly above water so I just don't get why it wont work UW. So now I´m left with two choices. Fix the problem or sell the camera and by a new one. Fix?? Anyone?? Sell/Buy: Wich camera would you recommend? It needs too be Hi resolution and small. I use Canon normally but i am open too other brands. Hope someone can help me. Cheers Mads
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