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  1. Thanks Alex for your quick reply, I am interested. I will discuss with nauticam and hopefully get back to you. Cheers
  2. Hi Alex, Can this be used with the Oly 8mm, the port chart is showing the use of this with Panasonic 8mm only. Thx
  3. Thank you Chris, Mike, and Tim for your feedback, it sounds like it is not so straight forward.
  4. Hello there Hoping someone will share from their experience please I am wondering if the Kenko TELEPLUS HD PRO 1.4X DGX teleconverter "newer version" will be compatible to use on Nikon D-850 body with AF-S 60mm G ED, Sigma 15 mm EX DG, and Nikon AF-S 105mm G ED especially with AF, if not are there any alternatives for these setups.
  5. Yes I can see now that I am able to do it through the multi controller. Thank you Alex
  6. Very much interested to hear from Nauticam D850 users on how the manage shooting photos and focusing if they do not have the enhanced optical view finders. Looking also at the housing manual it seems to me that one is unable to use the joy stick to move the focus point around, am I correct in assuming so and how does one compensate for this? What is the best way to manage the shooting using live view underwater, points of guidance, shortcuts, customization, and clarifications of pitfalls will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Any Hugyfot Housing owners out there? especially for Nikon DSLR cameras and preferably D850. What is your feedback and feeling on this brand? How does it compare to other brands such as Nauticam? Look forward to receive your comments on this subject, Thank you
  8. Hello everybody My name is Yazid, I am currently located in Muscat, Oman. I dive regularly every weekend and shoot UW photos using Olympus TG6. Currently closing in on a decision to upgrade my UW rig system and have narrowed my choices to FF using Nikon D850 (Hugyfot/Nauticam housing) and Olympus OM D E1 Miii in Nauticam housing. Look forward to be an active member of this vibrant community.
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