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  1. nice!! i’ve been pondering about this for awhile excellent work. Thanks for posting.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Tim, yeah my only reason being the use of the Wet Wide... my logic has me at this would be great in theory but not sure in practice if I would be happy with that set up... verse the fisheye and like you said just having the 105 and coordinating dives with Ports. I have a lot of interest in Bug Eye as well, and when I go macro I might just go in to that realm.
  3. Hi All, My name is Rich from Baltimore, Md USA. Been diving for over 20 Years on and off, Above water photography for well.. since film was our only option haha. Switched to Digital when the Nikon D100 came out. Over the last 5 years my interest or want to get camera underwater has really grown, GoPro then I purchased the Sea Life DC2000 with strobes a few years ago for compactness and travel and just have not been very happy with it. Ive gotten decent images considering but its just not my camera. I recently got the "bug" to get my current camera underwater. I shoot a D850 and Z7 and for my shooting style I hardly grab my D850 anymore so I made the plunge to get my Z7 underwater. originally thinking Id save a little size but I realized that was just not gonna happen haha. Still working on my kit set up but so far im With Z7 in Nauticam housing, Ported Nikon Fish Eye, Ultralight arms already purchsed and Im pretty sure Ill go with Inons Z330's. I still got some time before any trips so Im keeping my eye on the reviews of the new Sea & Sea as well. I have a internal debate on going with a 60 Micro with the wet lens, but Ill probably make that decision after a few dives. Anyway..... WetPixel has been a huge resource and Im glad to have found and joined these forums. Thanks to all the members that post for indirectly helping me haha and Ill do my best to give back as my knowledge grows here.
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