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  1. Currently, I take my lens cap off the retainer and leave it on the boat, but having a place to stick it would be nice. Same thing with the diffusers on the strobes. I hate it when something floats down into the shot or the light path. What is everyone else using to keep these little items in place when not being used? Is there a good adhesive velcro that will stay stuck underwater?
  2. With a 1 inch 20.1MP sensor it should hold up better than that. The wider apertures haven't been all that impressive. Then too I've been kinda stuck at f5.6 since I had no lighting. That, slow shutter speeds and ISO400 are costing me sharpness I am sure. I couldn't find maximum sync speed so I figure 1/200th is good to start. Like I said, I'll adjust as needed. Thanks for the input!
  3. Hi All, Got these in my hot little hands today and got everything hooked up and working. I decided to forego DS-TTL on the Sea and Sea YS-01 strobes and start out in manual just to be consistent. Right now I am at F8 and one notch below quarter power on the strobes. Just walking around the house, I'm getting decent exposure at what I think to be my usual shooting distances. Might need tweaking now and then, but in the right ballpark anyway. Close enough I can adjust as I go on my next dive. Ok, here are the questions. First, is this a decent plan or am I discounting the effectiveness of DS-TTL? I am using a Canon G7X Mark II. I'm sure I'll try it at some point, but I would appreciate real world feedback. Also, this should conserve camera battery since the flash is firing at it's minimum power. My goal is to get the best color, clarity and sharpness out my system. Will F8 be stopped down enough? As is the recycle time is almost non-existent so I could stop down a bit more and still be fine I think. My tendency so far has been to not use camera zoom but to get as close to the subjects as possible. I figure the less water between it and the lens, the better. How much camera zoom are you comfortable using underwater? That's enough for now. Here's the rig and details. Plus a photo I don't have a clue how I would have taken will all this since this eel was down in a crack. Thanks! Canon G7X Mark II in Fantasea Housing (2) Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobes Mozaik Uni-Tray and Flex handles Kraken Hydra 1200 focus light
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm the proud new owner (about a month) of a Canon G7X Mark II and Fantasea housing. I researched it forever before deciding it was the best bang for my budget. I know the Nauticam housing is supposed to be better, but this is built like a tank as it is. Loving it so far. It also has an adapter for the flash to take fiber optic sync cords, which is my next acquisition. (Along with strobes, of course.)
  5. Haven't had a chance to look at them yet, but covering white balance would be a good one.
  6. These are all simply stunning! Can't wait to try a blackwater dive someday.
  7. Hello All! I'm not new to photography or diving, just putting them together. I've managed to translate much of my dry land knowledge to the wet world, but I definitely need more practice. Any feedback and critique is welcome.
  8. Whew! You guys don't make it easy to find this thread. Hello All! My name is Joe and I am not new to photography or diving, but kinda new to putting them together. I currently live on the island of Roatan so I have plenty of opportunity to learn new things. So I'm hear for that and maybe finding some used gear. Just bought a Canon G7X Mark II and housing!!!
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