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  1. Yes, I will wrap, tape and weld those clasps for my future dives !
  2. Thanks for that article. I indeed think the loosening of a clasp while the camera was in the bottom of a bucket, shaken by waves, is a quite plausible explanation to the flooding of my 6D. Given how hard it is to re-sell that equipment I will probably re-dive with it, but this time with an insurance !
  3. I did some checks before diving (usually 30 min in a tank) but I was wondering how relevant those tests are (As I mentioned before, I am not an experienced user so maybe I missed something): I see the benefit of testing equipment has not been damaged in transport, but it is impossible to test it before every dive, is it ? As the housing needs to be open to insert the camera (or turn it on) after testing, there is a risk of leak through the main panel - which is what happened in my case.
  4. Hey all, Sharing my own experience with NiMAR, as it might be of use for other people out there. I dived with their NI6D (housing for Canon 6D, rating 60m) and I liked it, though it was my first housing so hard to compare. Unfortunately, it failed and flooded my equipment when I reached 20m, after my 4th dive. I contacted NiMAR's customer center who ignored my emails and phone calls for weeks, until they told me to ship my housing back. They performed testing and concluded everything was fine, so I would pay for the housing electronics damaged in the flooding. I requested to be contacted so I could at least explain the details on how the housing failed: not only they never called, but they threatened me to sue me if I wrote a bad review instead.. In the end, I will never know why my housing failed. Maybe it was due to a mistake on my end (after all, I am a new underwater shooter), maybe a problem on the equipment. But what I know is that NiMAR, on top of having a horrendous customer service, does not want to hear customer feedback - so can not possibly be serious about improving their products.
  5. Hey there, I have started underwater photography this year with a 1 month trip in Mozambique. First dives made me realize how different it is from surface photography! I d be happy to share my progress and also read about equipment and techniques reviews. David
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