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  1. Excellent condition, recent inspection showed no faulty internal components of housing and GH4 camera looks and works as new.

    External housing shows normal wear but no damage

    Comes with M14 vacuum valve already installed, battery/charger +extra battery, Housing tray and lanyard, O-rings.

    Does not come with any lights/strobes or lenses, I have upgraded to the GH5 so kept my lights and lenses.

    Excellent camera for underwater video and photo!  I used it mainly for video.

    $1500 or best offer.






  2. Like new. Only used one dive.

    Mounting plate and Reefnet fiber optic snoot arm for the Inon Z-240 strobe.

    The arm is flexible for easy use and contains fiber optic cables for powerful strobe light transfer. 3 sized tips included.

    Bring your photography to the next level by shooting snoots.





  3. Like new. Can be used for Nauticam Housings or adapted for Nexus, Ikelite, Aquatica, and Sea & Sea. Rear view port for a Panasonic GH-4 housing available.

    Take your photo skills to the next level.

    The Nauticam enhanced 45° angled viewfinder is the perfect addition to your housing as it provides a bright, clear and undistorted 1:1 image of the camera’s viewfinder as well as a 45º viewing angle.

    The viewfinder can rotate to any angle, essential when shooting vertical orientation images.

    The 45º viewfinder also provides more clearance for your regulator allowing for more a more comfortable viewing position.

    New it retails for $1090 (Reef Photo)



  4. More info on the snoot.

    It's a Reef Net snoot. It's 6 months old and only used one dive. It worked great. It's got fiber optics in the tube that directs light very efficiently. It comes with .5 inch and .25 inch opening attachments. New it costs $300

    The strobes new cost $539 each and the snoot was $300. That's $1378 worth for $900.


  5. Well cared for Inon Z-240 (Type 4) strobes for sale. 2 Strobes. 


    All original contents (spare parts) and 2 sets of different power defusers. They work great. Here's what Backscatter says about them.


    "The Z-240 is INON's flagship model designed for professionals demanding high performance lighting with modern digital camera systems, and film camera systems. The Z-240 provides high performance, innovative features and versatility in a package about one half the size of conventional strobes"









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  6. Hi,

    I've been diving for 20 years and have been teaching for 10 years. I teach PADI (IDC Staff Inst) and SDI (OWI). I also teach Tec Diving (PADI and TDI). My favorite underwater activity is photography. I shoot a Nikon D850 with many ports and lenses. I love my system. I joined this forum after attending another DEMA this fall. Looking forward to interacting with all the great people on this site.

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