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  1. This is an exceptional and very reliable package for either underwater stills or videos. The package is for sale for $1100. This top-end housing has been used flawlessly on about 75 dives, and is in excellent condition. It comes with the vacuum seal system. The housing sells new for $1040. The housing only fits the RX 100 IV, and it fits it like a glove--with every camera control being matched with a corresponding housing control. The only flaw is a scratch on the plastic viewfinder cover. The RX 100 IV camera itself has likewise been used only on about 75 dives, and it too is in excellent condition (lacking a mechanical shutter, these cameras don't produce a shutter count). It has always performed exceptionally. I have used it for videos, and the only issue I've ever had was that the auto focus tends to be a bit slow in very low light/bad visibility situations. Otherwise, I've been delighted with the videos. Buying this package new will cost about $1700. Seller has a 100% positive rating on eBay (jotillinghast7). You may contact seller at jon@stsl.com or 907-321-3405. Member 0 9 posts Report post Posted December 3
  2. I have a new post offering BOTH the housing and the Sony RX 100 IV itself for $1100. The camera is in excellent condition, and the sale includes the charging ports associated with the camera.
  3. Yes, the lens is still available. There are two higher definition pictures of the lens and package at my posting on eBay (username: jotillinghas7). My recommendation is to go there to buy it, as (having gotten no action on the Wetpixel post) I've posted it on eBay as well. The price is lower.
  4. This top-end housing has been used flawlessly on about 75 dives, and is in excellent condition. It comes with the vacuum seal system. The housing sells new for $1040, and it is being offered here for $800, plus $40 shipping. The housing only fits the RX 100 IV, and it fits it like a glove--with every camera control being matched with a corresponding housing control. You may contact seller at jon@stsl.com or 907-321-3405. Seller has a perfect positive rating on Ebay (jotillinghas7). US sale only.
  5. This gold-standard wide angle wet lens (#83201), in excellent condition (glass remains pristine), was used with my Nauticam housing for a Sony RX 100 IV, but it is compatible with a wide range of Nauticam housings. The complete list of compatible housings can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzggKvdoNvhkY1ktVEFBbkpuSzQ/view. The package being sold includes the lens; the hard cap (#83224); padded travel case; and the M67 to bayonet mount port converter (#83213) with connector tools. Price for the package is $1000, plus $40 shipping. Seller has 100% positive feedback on eBay (jotillinghas7). Contact Jon @ jon@stsl.com or 907-321-3405.
  6. Sorry. Didn't think you'd need to log into Vimeo. The only other sites I can think of to upload the video might also require sign in. Any suggestions would be most welcomed, as I just posted a Galapagos video that I'm guessing will have the same problem. The Internet can be a tough place for Boomers.
  7. This from August, 2018. Yep, a year ago, but I don't think much relevant has changed: Choice of Dive Boats. Having only been on the Galapagos Sky, I can't compare it to other luxury Galapagos yachts. I can say that the dive staging/operations, guides, vessel quality and food on this 16-diver luxury boat are all that this fussy, experienced diver could ask for. BUT, the big sales point is that it spends 3 days at remote Wolf and Darwin Islands, which in my book are the Galapagos' main diving calling cards (see below). Other more central dive sites (say, Bartholome, Cousins Rock, etc.) are neither particularly scenic (remember that these islands have rock bottoms, not coral) and the creatures are by-and-large ones you can see with better visibility and more comfortable conditions elsewhere. The one exception to this was Capo Douglas, off the cold and remote west coast of Fernandina Island (another island some boats miss). Here's where you mix in up with the diving iguanas--something you'll not see elsewhere. Wolf and Darwin. These are a long over-night sail from the "main" Galapagos Islands. Here is where large schools of hammerheads and Galapagos sharks gather--the hammerheads buzzing you against the rocks and gathering at the surface in backlit schools to frame the iconic hammerhead silhouette shots. And in June to November, the whale sharks are regulars. We had close-up whale sharks on every dive in two days of diving at Darwin Island. Take a look at my video (https://vimeo.com/manage/285159385/general) . The video quality is dicey (for reasons discussed below), but you'll get the idea. Shooting Videos. The websites warned me to lower my expectations on the quality of Galapagos photography. Particularly during whale shark season, the visibility is poor, and so its dark down there. Those conditions, in turn, caused by Sony RX 100 IV (w/ Nauticam housing) to have a terrible time autofocusing, as you'll see in the video. Also, it made "stepping back" from the whale sharks to get a "full shark" picture difficult, since the creature was only a haze from 30 feet away. The currents can also be confining. Standard procedure at Wolf/Darwin is to a negative (i.e. uninflated BCD) entry, and get down into the big boulders, away from the current, as fast as you can. That actually works well, as the boulders form a nice cubby, but you have to wait for the action to come to you. If the shark is out in blue water, you can free swim, but make sure you've a good, attentive guide--as you, your guide, and the shark are likely to be a mile distant by the time you've gotten your pictures. A Word About Wet Suits. I am largely a tropical diver, and I bought into the cold water warnings about the Galapagos hook-and-sinker--buying a 2-piece 7 mm suit, hood and gloves. Trouble is, I needed 34 pounds for neutral buoyancy in that suit (I'm a big guy). And, with all that weight, I could never balance the weights, even with a lot of private guide help. So I ended up tossing the jacket portion of the suit, wearing only the "Farmer John." I was cold, but not uncomfortably so. Lesson: if you are not used to a full 7 mm wet suit and the attendant extra weight, the Galapagos (with its high current, etc.) is a poor place to learn. Also, I found that gloves on both hands made photography awkward, even with so-called "photographers' fingers gloves. I found you only needed one glove to help secure yourself against the boulders, leaving the other hand free to manipulate the camera. Happy Diving!
  8. These are some lessons learned from an Oct., 2017 weekly-long trip to Raja Ampat. Yes, it's two years' old, but I'm catching up on Wetpixel, and I don't think the meat of this post has changed much. Raja Ampat: I stayed at the Palau Explorers Resort, and boy do I recommend that option. It's centrally-located in the middle of Dampier Straight--a 10-20 minute boat ride from several of Raja's premier dive sites. Your diving on a site with 4-5 other resort residents in your own boat, rather than jumping in with the whole live-aboard cast. The resort's lodging, food and ambience all favor this land-based option; and, you get a lot interaction with the locals, who built much of the lodge and are deeply entwined with it. Dive site wise, please find the time to dive Melissa's Garden--far and away the most diverse and abundant site I've ever encountered in 37 years of diving. Take a look at my video at: https://vimeo.com/manage/248019672/general It's a full day's boat ride out of Dampier Strait, but worth the trip (and do take both dives at Melissa's--don't let them talk you into a "second dive" elsewhere). On the other side, don't expect much at Manta Sandy. The site is sandy (as the name implies), and the visibility in October was very poor (and hence no worthwhile pictures). You're required to lay in the sand at a designated border, which puts a lot of grit between you and the mantas. It's all necessary to protect the site, but I found it the one disappointment of my trip. The snorkelers had a better view--you might try that option. The video: The video was taken with the Sony RX 100 IV, with the Nauticam housing. The one noticeable flaw in the video is the insufficient lighting. I used two Sola A Video 3800F lights at full power, and they didn't throw enough light in my opinion to capture the exquisite colours. But the video will give you a flavor of the wonders of Melissa's Garden (the 1st half of the video is all of the Garden). Happy diving.
  9. Hi. I'm Jon Tillinghast, a 70-year-old diver certified in 1982 by Bert Kilbride in the British Virgin Islands. Finally realized a long-standing bucket list project by spending a week at Raja Ampat and taking whale shark and hammerhead videos in the Galapagos. Looking forward to sharing some tales and videos before sailing off into the sunset.
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