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  1. Thanks for the feedback. That information helps me decide what I'd like to do. I also coincidentally ran into a person on a dive boat in Hawaii with this exact camera and I asked him a ton if questions about it. He mentioned the 45 viewfinder, among other things, which I had not even considered. I have some more research on accessories but I think I'm sold on the camera.
  2. Currently shooting a Canon G16 in a nauticam housing but considering changing to a Sony A7R3. I dive in the PNW quite a bit and am concerned about low light focus capability. I read the Sony has around 425 AF points which suggests it would be pretty good but some of the forum posts here suggest otherwise. What are people's experiences with the Sony focus capability in low light?
  3. Hi. My name is David and I have been diving for ~10 years. I started with a sealife camera and just moved up from that a couple of times. Everytime I dive, I have a camera so on those rare occasions when I dont have it with me, I dont know what to do with my hands! Interested in learning more on the topic and reading other's stories.
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