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    Olympus TG-5, Gopro Hero 7 Black
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  1. Wow, thanks for the inspiration with those great macro shots. Just setting up a TG5 system, coming from gopro which has always served me well until last Feb trip to Bali lol. Headed back in 2 months, starting in Amed and want to try the macro photos. Thanks again.
  2. Coming from a good gopro setup, Hero 7, Inon ULC-G165 SD wide close up lens, pair of Fenix Sd11 video torches on a ultalite tray and arms that is quite good for video and screen capture but want better macro. Just setting up a Olympus TG5, Seafrogs housing and Backscatter M52 wide air lens. Mounted gopro on the cold shoe and using same setup plus a DIY Snoot, but would like to add a small but adequate strobe to the system. Would like to keep as compact and as light as possible. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  3. I would say no for underwater shooting, different housing so if you have any filters or lenses with your 7 they won't fit.
  4. Flew EVA Airlines last Feb to Bali, very strict with 7kg carry on bag but they didn't check weight of personal item. I have a laptop/Regulator bag as personal item that comes in handy. Also limited to 10kg carry on and personal item total on NAM Air from Bali to Komodo
  5. Hello from frosty Alberta Canada. Been diving 3 yrs, late to the game at 55 when OW certified. Somewhere around 100 tropical dives and rising. Started with a Gopro hero 3 black on a pole, hero 6 on a tray with a cheap video light, hero 7 with Inon wide angle close up lens and a pair of Fenix sd11's. Just picked up a used Olympus TG-5, so got a seafrogs housing, backscatter M52 wide Air lens and built a fiber optic snoot. Headed back to Bali for Feb/Mar 2020. My video library https://vimeo.com/user2152272/videos
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