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  1. Blue water Photo do one. https://youtu.be/VB6w5UeNt2o
  2. Hi Looking for help from anyone using the S-Turtle smart trigger on a Sony A7 series, specifically I have the A7RIV with Retra Pro X strobes. I have two problems: 1. The trigger uses a ‘smart connection’ (not the dumb firing method), so when I switch it on the camera automatically goes to Live View Off mode. This negates a big benefit of a mirrorless camera as it is no longer WYSIWYG . E.g if I want to shoot macro using just torches, the view is blown out and it’s impossible to see the subject to get accurate focus. 2. I can’t get a shutter speed higher than 1/250. As soon as the trigger is turned on (experimented on land with housing open) it immediately limits me to the flash sync limit of 1/250. Yet the combination trigger and strobe should be capable of high speed sync? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Solved, it was just a contact issue, corrected with a high tech solution - a rubber band to tighten the fitting into the hotshoe
  4. Can anyone help me figure this out please. I have a pair of Inon 330s connected with a sync cable to my Nauticam housing using the Nikonos 5-Pin bulkhead and the universal hotshoe on an A7RIV but it won't fire the strobes. I've tried the following: Connected the hotshoe to an A7RIII and the strobes fired (Flash settings on both cameras are the same) - so strobes and connections clearly work fine. The A7RIV is firing a native speedlite and a Canon speedlite, which suggests it's not a problem specifically with the camera and/or hotshoe. BUT the combination just won't work. Has anybody else had this issue and found a solution Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Mike a Brit based in Singapore and taking advantage to being so close to all the great diving locations in Asia. I've recently changed career and become a professional photographer (on land). I first took a compact camera underwater 2 years ago and still have a lot to learn. Just migrated my land kit from Canon to Sony and looking forward to taking my A7RIV for it's first dive later this week. (if I can get the strobes to fire!!).
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