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  1. Tim, Thank you for the input! I will check into this. It would be great if this solve the problem. Currently, I have an email in to Mark at Bluewater Photo Store. That's the shop I have bought all of my underwater photo gear from. They are a great group, that I can't say enough good about. Later this week when I take the housing over to them, I will start trying to track down the potential culprit. Thanks again. Jim
  2. Hello to all, My name is Jim Grady. I have been diving since '79 and have been shooting underwater for around 6-7 years. I get some good pics, but still have lots to learn! I am shooting with both a Nikon D-7100 and most recently, a Nikon D-500. I have been happy, up until recently, with housings from Sea & Sea. My MDX-500 housing has had issues from the start though. When the housing is assembled, all controls appear to function fine. However, as soon as I vacuum seal it, I loose functionality of the rear panel controls. Last week, on a Socorro Island trip, I even dove the housing without the vacuum seal. Worked until I got to any depth. Then I lost the rear panel controls again. Seems like a pressure thing? This has been an ongoing issue since day one, and its been back to Sea & Sea twice now. Maybe the third time will be the charm ..... or I just got a lemon. Is anyone else out there shooting with the same system, and experiencing these problem? Any input would be great. Best Regards, Jim
  3. Drew, Thank you for the info. I had no idea that such permits would be needed, but it does make total sense! I don’t shoot outside the U.S. that often, so I have never run into this. I will definitely inquire on future trips abroad. I think the last thing we need to do is be poor ambassadors of our craft or trade.
  4. Hello to all, My name is Jim Grady. I live in Southern California. I have been diving since 1979, and over the last several years taken up underwater photography. It has become a bit of a passion. I am currently shooting with a Nikon D7100 in a Sea&Sea housing. About three years ago, I started diving the SF2 CCR almost exclusively. I have been amazed at how it has allowed me to get closer to marine life, by not making so much noise. A friend of mine suggested that I check out Wetpixel as a great photography resource. I am looking forward to sharing ideas and learning more to improve my photography. Cheers
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