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  1. FOR SALE: AQUATECH HOUSINGS, PORTS, EXTENSIONS AND ZOOM GEARS Brand NEW (never used) Aquatech Delphin (updated version) sport housing for Canon 1DXII, 1DX camera. $900.00 obo Used Aquatech Delphin (updated version) sport housing for Canon 1DXII, 1DX camera. $600.00 obo Used Aquatech Delphin (original version) sport housing for Canon 1DX camera $300.00 obo Used/like new Aquatech P-120 flat port $100 Used/like new Aquatech P-160 flat port $100 Used/like new P-30EX Extension $50 Used/like new P-70EX Extension $50 Used/like new CZ16-35V1/2 Canon zoom gear $20 Used/like new CZ24-70 V1 Canon zoom gear $20 Used/like new CZ24-70 V2 Canon zoom gear $20 Used/like new CZ70-200 f/2.8 IS2 Canon zoom gear $20 Happy to email photos upon request.
  2. Thanks for the advise! Kinda what I thought and was having a hard time justifying the cost of a glass dome.
  3. Yes, I have used the Sony's for video. Quality is excellent and AF works great.
  4. Is an $1800 Zen glass dome port worth the money vs using an Ikelite or Aquatech acrylic dome port for 1/4 of the price?
  5. The RX100VII is definitely worth the upgrade. The AF system in the VII is the same as their flagship A9II & A7IV. Used it on trip last month and simply amazed at such great results from such a little and easy to use camera.
  6. The Sony's are AWSOME! I've been using the A9, A9II, A7IV and RX100 VII with Ikelite housings. The AF just doesn't miss. Fantastic in lowlight too.I switched from the Canon G7II and couldn't be happier.
  7. I've been using the Sony's with great success. The A9, A7IV are great full frame cameras for use with he larger housings. The new RX100 VII has the same AF system in a point & shoot form if you're looking for something smaller. Using Ikelite housings for both.
  8. I am a photojournalist for the Associated Press and have been diving for the past 14 years. My wife and enjoy our annual trips to Bonaire. Recently, the AP started a series called "What Can Be Saved" which looks at efforts to protect ecosystems around the world, reversing some of humankind’s most destructive actions. I've been to Jamaica where they are using coral gardens to help restore the reef and Gray's Reef off the coast of Savannah. https://apnews.com/WhatCanBeSaved. Look forward to sharing ideas and techniques and learning from others.
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