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  1. Need to buy a new computer. What are important features in a computer for photo editing
  2. I have a MARELUX SOFT snoot. It’s only been on 3 dives. It’s in perfect condition. You will need an adapter for your particular strobe. $229.00 plus $19.95 priority mail flat rate shipping.
  3. I need more buoyancy than I’m getting from the stix. 2 of these arms will give me just a little more than the stix and will probably be just right for me. Are these good quality? Why are they so much less expensive than others on the market? From what I can see, they have the most lift of all the ones I’ve looked at. Thoughts??
  4. Posting in classifieds is something I can’t select. Can someone explain why or what I need to do to be able to post something for sale?
  5. Anyone else using the Marelux soft snoot? Looking for user tips and tricks. Are you having someone else hold it or are you mounting in such a way to make it easier?
  6. Hello all! My name is Kelly. I live in Norman Oklahoma just outside of Oakland city. I’ve been a scuba diver since about 1984 made my first dive in 1979 didn’t get certified until 1984 became instructor in 89 have been teaching ever since. Diving and underwater photography’s are more than hobbies for me their passions something I love to share, living in a landlocked state in the US doesn’t give me the opportunities to dive as if I live somewhere else however, we do a lot of Travel, and I’ve been fortunate to dive all over the world, and make some fantastic dives in my life.
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