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  1. yeah i dont mind shipping internationally. ill make sure to get insurance when i ship it. i have no idea what the shipping cost would be but i can go down to the ups store tomorrow and figure it.
  2. *Nauticam NA-LX10 housing with tray, arms, and floats *Nauticam vacuum and pump system installed *Nauticam lcd screen magnifier *Inon s-2000 Strobes *Strobe fiber optic cables *an extra set of fiber optic cables for the Inon strobes *2 different diffusers for each strobe *Panasonic Lumix lx10 Camera with 4 batteries and charger *Inon uwl-100 type 1 wide angle lens with dome and protective lens cover and neoprene case *Inon ucl 165 m67 macro lens with arm lens holder *Inon snoot set for an s-2000 strobe *spare o-rings and grease for nauticam housing and strobes This is a complete setup ready to shoot. I've been using it for this last year and I've never had any issues. I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to a Sony a7rii setup. Everything is in excellent shape. The housing was regularly cleaned after every dive. There's only minor signs of use but nothing that has any impact on performance. The camera is practically new. I'm asking $2800 for everything. I want to sell everything together for now. Buyer is responsible for paypal and shipping fees. Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr Nauticam Panasonic LX10 rig by Brandon Wiese, on Flickr
  3. I have 2 inon s-2000 strobes with my lx10 setup. I would go with more powerful strobes for wide angle shots. For macro the inon s-2000 strobes were really good even with a snoot attached.
  4. On my old gopro setup I use to use 2 light and motion sola 1200 lumen lights. They were like 6 or $700 each at the time when i bought them and they were fine. My big issue over time with them was that a) you cant replace the batteries between dives. The lights at full power pretty much only last one dive. b) the charger terminals on the back are open and exposed to the salt water. They got corroded on both lights over a few years despite regularly rinsing them to the point now that they barely charge. I have to put the charger in just rite and wiggle it around to get good contact. c) at least the old lights the mounting solution is terrible. It was just a slip on piece to connect to the strobe arms and one light i had slipped off in bad surge and I lost it. $700 down the toilet because of the stupid way the old adapter worked. So in summary I don't recommend overpriced light and motion lights. I switched to BigBlue lights and love them. They have interchangeable batteries, they're a fraction of the price for way more lumens, and they have multiple modes including red leds. Also the battery lasts way longer. The specific light I have is the VTL3500p and its on sale for like $350. They have other lights for $250 that are still really powerful too. Another super cheap option is the Chinese dive lights on ebay. A dive master on one of the dive boats i recently went on bought one for like $80 and tested it out on the dives doing photography and it actually worked really good. I just ordered a "25000" lumen light for $110 on amazon. I put the 25000 in quotes cause i doubt it actually outputs that amount of light. But we'll see when i get it. I'll compare it to the sola light and the bigblue light.
  5. Hi guys, First I would like to congratulate all new members that took less time than me to figure out how to post in here. It took me half a day searching through this site to figure out how to post lol. Anyway, my twin brother has been doing underwater photography for a few years now with a Nikon D800 and I've been extremely jealous of his pictures. I've been following him around on dives for the past 8 or so years with a gopro, then a Nikon J1, then a Panasonic LX10. I didn't want to spend the money on a big rig like my brothers D800. But now that Sony has been releasing these crazy full frame mirrorless cameras every other week causing the prices of the older cameras in their full frame series to drop, I'm taking the plunge. With the power of all my credit cards combined I'm now going all in and I am currently building my rig for the Sony A7rii. I'm really excited to learn from everyone on this forum and I love looking at everyone's pictures, even though they usually make me jealous.
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