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  1. I really liked the video. I live in San Diego so that's my primary dive location. It was cool too see a lot of the spots I dive. I feel like this video would be perfect for dive boats to have on they're website to advertise san diego diving. It was great to see the diversity of creatures and wrecks people could expect to see diving here. Considering the limitations of a gopro vs a full video rig there's only so much you can do with dynamic range and blown out highlights but to me it didn't take away from the video. Each shot to me was interesting and full of color and life.
  2. Hey James I had just subscribed to your channel a couple days ago. Small world I guess haha. Its cool to see you in here.
  3. I'm selling my sony F2 28mm e mount lens with the wide angle conversion lens. It's in excellent condition with no scratches or blemishes on any of the glass. All the lens caps and hood are included. The wide angle conversion lens comes with the original box and leather pouch. I'm asking $500 for the set. USA shipping only and buyer pays any paypal fees.
  4. I'm selling a pretty much new sea&sea ML dome port 30121. I've never used it. It came with a housing setup I bought off someone else and I don't think they used it either because it looks brand new. I'm asking $300 USA shipping only. Buyer is responsible for any paypal fees depending on how they pay.
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