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  1. Hey Everyone, I have changed my system and I would love this whole set-up to go to someone who is keen and looking for a great package to get started. I have listed everything below with approximate costs (in brackets) of each item. I really don't want to sell this in pieces - but I am not in a hurry so low-ball offers will be rejected. The entire thing new would cost over $6000. I am a Canadian living in Dubai and I am happy to send it anywhere in the world from here, that isn't an issue. I've attached images of everything below, if you have any questions please let me know. Cheers, Hilary Selling Price for everything -> $2500 USD plus shipping - Aquatica Housing ($2689) - Nikon D7000 Camera (and original strap & accessories) ($759) - Tokina 10-17 Fish Eye Lens ($429) - Nikkor 60mm Macro Lens ($596) - Focus Rings for the lenses - Aquatica 8" Dome Port ($546) - Aquatica Macro Port ($250 - bought this second hand) - 2 Inon strobes ($1000 – bought these second hand) - Rechargeable Energizer Batteries for the lights (UK plugs) - Pelican Hard Travel Case with adjustable dividers ($229) - Carry Handle ($89) - extra o-rings for everything and any bits and pieces like extra ball joints for the arms - Manuals and Photography Books
  2. Fabulous pics! I just got back from NAD myself.... the resort / guides are awesome and all of the blackwater photography coming out is amazing!
  3. Yup - agree. Don't consider your purchase wasted.... just get the adapters if you end up switching cameras.
  4. okay - thoughts on video lights vs. strobes. I've been using the former with pretty good success but the intensive battery use means that I have to keep switching them on and off during a 75min dive to ensure I still have power. Toying with switching back to strobes....
  5. Morning from Dubai everyone! I was just in Lembeh and spoke with a friend about selling my old camera set-up and he suggested that I look up this forum.... apparently I have been living under a rock - there is so much content here! Will definitely get into more of it, but as for me I'm a semi-retired instructor, been diving since 1998 and love all things under the water (especially if they are tiny and adorable). I am thinking that I will get "sucked down the internet rabbit hole" here with all of the chatter, but can't be a bad thing. Now to process over 2000 pics from my trip! Looking forward to participating.
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