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  1. Thanks Tinman, I'll do that if they don't answer on monday via facebook.
  2. Thanks for your answer, the adjustable plastic gear belt is a great idea. I'll also have a look at 3D printing.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a used housing for my Fuji XT2 and I may have found a Subal one with a dome port for the XF 10-24mm, which I'm very happy about. But I'm looking for some macro options for the XF 60 mm (the XF 80 mm is too big for me even if I loose the 1:1 ratio) and I can't find any port chart on Subal's website. I don't find any focus/zoom gears either. Since they make the housings, I can't imagine they don't have a port chart and don't make gears for Fuji lenses but I can't find them. I contacted Subal via fb but I won't have any answer this week-end, so if one of you has this kind of information, don't hesitate to share ;-) Thanks in advance, Ks99
  4. Hello, Is it still available for sale ? César
  5. Hi skud007, Could you be more explicit about what you sell ? And maybe add photos about the gear ? Where is it located ? Thanks, César
  6. Hi jmark18, I'm interested in the setup you're selling but I have a few questions. Can you tell me which lenses you were using it with ? As for the macro port, I guess there's a typo, could you give again the reference ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I recently bought a Samyang/Rokinon 8mm 2.8 fisheye lens for my Fujifilm X-T2 and I'm wondering if anyone uses that combination underwater. If you do, I'm curious to know what housing/dome/port combination you use them with. Thanks for your answers.
  8. Hi, Is your housing for the XT2 still available ? If it is, would you consider selling the housing without the body, lens and strobes ? I might be interested but already own them. I live in France, would you be ok to ship it here ? Thanks for your answers, César
  9. Hi, I own a YS-110 alpha strobe that I use with a filber optic cable but ,now, I would like to have 2 strobes in my setup. I have the possibility to get a second one used for around 130€ or a set of 2 used YS-01 for 520€. The specs look very similar to me (except the possibility to use an electric cable that I don't use anyway). The first option would be, of course the cheapest, but is there a real benefit to choose the second one and sell my YS-110 alpha ? Thanks for your help,
  10. Hi, Would you ship to France ? Best regards,
  11. Thanks for sharing ! Lembeh is such a great place for small critters !!
  12. Thanks for sharing ! Lembeh is really amazing !
  13. Hi everyone ! I'm César, from France. I've been diving for the last 10 years and taking underwater photos for the last 6. I've been shooting for many years with my Canon S95 and I'm currently looking to build my rig for my little Fuji. Not that easy as there not that many Fuji underwater photographers.
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