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  1. Hi, I own a YS-110 alpha strobe that I use with a filber optic cable but ,now, I would like to have 2 strobes in my setup. I have the possibility to get a second one used for around 130€ or a set of 2 used YS-01 for 520€. The specs look very similar to me (except the possibility to use an electric cable that I don't use anyway). The first option would be, of course the cheapest, but is there a real benefit to choose the second one and sell my YS-110 alpha ? Thanks for your help,
  2. Hi, Would you ship to France ? Best regards,
  3. Thanks for sharing ! Lembeh is such a great place for small critters !!
  4. Thanks for sharing ! Lembeh is really amazing !
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm César, from France. I've been diving for the last 10 years and taking underwater photos for the last 6. I've been shooting for many years with my Canon S95 and I'm currently looking to build my rig for my little Fuji. Not that easy as there not that many Fuji underwater photographers.
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