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  1. Well, fortunately I haven't had to decide between the housing or my head yet. I've been treated pretty well with the surf. My biggest grief with the entire enterprise is taking above water shots with water drops still on the port. I'm sure this is just part of the deal. I'll see if things improve when it's had a good polishing...
  2. Ironically, this 'new development' is so they can keep Velvia the same - but that's just the way we like it.
  3. This is a very handy thread. It is a very daunting task to undertake! My second-hand Sea & Sea Compact Dome Port arrived with some light scratches on the inside. Any handy hints for how to best reach these?
  4. Hey guys. I've been shooting professionally above water for several years. I've finally got myself set up with a second hand Sea & Sea NX-80 housing, and am anxious to use it. I'm not sure if that means I've already jumped into the deep end - or that is to come. Has anyone got any recommendations on using my housing for the first time? how much grease the O-rings need, how to carefully check for leaks before becoming committed, and so on. For the record, I'll primarily be using this rig for surfing work - shallow water, mostly above water shots, high likely-hood of getting pounded by surf, unsure whether to cover my head or dome port.
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