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  1. can you give me the Nauticam number of this port so I can see if it will fit my system and with lenses I can use with this port?
  2. Are you interested in selling the monitor system seperatly?

    please let me know .





  3. Looking to buy a SDI / HDMI and housing to work with my Nauticam Blackmagic 4K setup. Could be a older unit also. Preferable located in Europe
  4. Interested to sell the monitor and housing seperatly?
  5. Found them, there where in the junk mail box. Thanks
  6. Interested, please send some photo’s. Fxproductions@hotmail.nl
  7. Any change you can send me some pictures of the setup?
  8. No improvement for underwater filming except the higher bit rate.
  9. Nice footage, thanks for sharing
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