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  1. Hello. I would like sell or exchange my extension ring. It is Nauticam 120 type - 30 mm high. Would get 250 eur or exchange for same system but 20 or 25 mm high. I can ship everyware but prefer in EU.
  2. Hello all divers and photographers. Anybody heard about shooting permits at Malapascua Island / Philiphines ?
  3. It`s possible, but from my experience it should be part of instructor work. Then can shoot photos for dive centers which know You and Your work. But if try to be concentraced at live from photography - it will be very hard.
  4. Hello. I`m Martin from Poland / Croatia. I`m diving and photographying from 10 years. Mostly shooting wide angle / wrecks. Started from simple compacts, but from few years using mostly FF Sony mirrorless cameras.
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