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  1. Well, I am not an expert, but I know a bit of electronics and I feel confident with it, no problem with the capacitors. But your are right, it will be easier and cheaper to find an Inon as spare. Sea&Sea never ever
  2. Thank you both, I don't want to spend a lot of euros on it because this strobe is one of my spares. I switched to Subtronic pro 160 Fusion a year ago which are my prefered ones, I have found that the quality of the light of the Subtronics is only surpased by the retra pro that a friend has. Now I have had some issues with the Subtros which I bought second hand and where working smootthly till a couple of months ago when I noticed one of them doesn't fire and the other one ddoesn't fire form below 25 meters depth, but this is another history of 400 more euros... After send my subtros to the service I started to use my spares Sea&Sea. I own two D2 and one D1. One of the D2 is in the service (a man who knows how) since one year ago, I sent it to him because he repaired the same strobe quick and cheap two years ago, and now he says he is waiting for a piece because it's a different fail. So now I have for diving a D2 and a D1, the other D2 is working fine, but the D1 failed as soon as I connected to the housing, even it was working perfectly the last time I used it, after rinse it and keep it in my photo room never worked again. So now despite having 5 strobes I can only use one. I am going on a trip to Bali in 40 days and the good new is that I will have my Subtros with me. But take pictures this summer at home, Ibiza, has been a hell with only one flash, despite I have learn a lot about how to lit with only one strobe in wide angle.
  3. Hi all, I know it's a long shot, but, does anybody know any service point or a person who knows how or a tutorial of how to repair a Sea&Sea D1 ? My strobe was repaired once because of the known fail of the lamp, but the person who repaired it doesn't do it anymore. It's not the same fail, because I opened the strobe and after a month I put batteries on it and it fired, when I closed it again, it didn't wrok anymore, I opened again but it doesn't work, even with the red light. Send it to Japan it's not an option, to expensive and too much time, to find someone in Spain would be great. I don't want to spend too much money on it, because I'm firing Subtronic and the Sea&Sea is the spare one. Thank you very much
  4. atus

    WTB flash trigger

    I thought about that but too much money for a second hand housing of a 5D updated with 3d printing to a 5D mkII. I'm planning to buy a brand new rig in the medium time so I don't want to spend so much money in this housing. Updating strobes and housing to fiber with brand new Aquatica would cost 500 €, and I'm looking to spend much less.
  5. Hi all, I'm tired of issues with the electrical cords, so I'm looking to actualize my aquatica housing to optical fiber. So I need a trigger and the port conections for the cables. If anybody has any left over and wants to sell...
  6. Hi all, i want to show you a very different photo of an eagle ray. A have a lot of doubts with it, on the one hand it's very different to everything we use to show but on the other it's plenty of sand, the litting has issues and it's out of focus. But I like it....What do you think about it ? SVF24042021087
  7. Hi all, these are my last photos taken, the firsts of the year, in Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea. I hope you like it SVF06012022032 SVF02122022183
  8. atus

    sea&sea setup

    How much for the saga dome port ? Do you need an extension ring to use it with the Canon 8-15 fisheye lens ?
  9. I'm using the Teleplus pro 300 dgx with a Canon 5D mkII in Aquatica Housing with no issues, and one of my partners is using the same one with the Canon 5D mk IV in Subal housing with no issues. Such with the Tokina 10-17 as with the Canon 8-15 I used once with my Canon 50D in Sea&Sea housing for macro shooting with the Canon 100 macro lens, no issues but I did not like the result, I prefer to use the 100 macro with extension ring
  10. First of all I would take a look at the covid restrictions. Indonesia now is obligating to a 10 days quarentine. South East Asia takes very hard restrictions rapidly as soon as the covid cases increase. So I would try Caribean or South America. I would try Fernando de Noronha, Cuba..
  11. If you feel stuck diving in Mexico with all that huge critters and corals, imagine me trying to take pictures in the Mediteranean, in Ibiza. What I think it's happening you is that you are tired to make the same dives once and again. That happens to me continuosly. If I was in your shoes i would try supermacro with the 100 mm, it's a little more difficult to dive with instead of the 60 mm, and try night dives. Most of my best pictures are made during the night dives. Looking at your profile it's obvious than you have a great technique. Try different lightings, such as snoots or hidden strobes. If you want take a look to my instagram @atussub1 there you can see different techniques.
  12. If the lens is almost touching the dome you need an extension ring, you are lousing angle. The lens must be as far as posible of the dome without vigneting becasue of the chasis of the dome port.
  13. Well, in my opinion everything depends of how large is morey eel, thís pic was taken in the red sea with a Canon 50D and the Tokina 10-17. Obviously the morey eel was huge gran morena This one was taken in the mediterranean, normal size, about 1 meter long, with a Canon 50D and the Canon 100 mm macro morena y gamba There is no a correct lens to shot a critter, everything depends of what you want to do.
  14. Yes, you should get teh housing, the 5D mk II is still a great camera and a great housing, and you can buy the dome to Pete, very good seller and photographer. The ports are not discontinued, but the port chart doesn't show the port for the 35 mm cause it's a lens not very usefull underwater, I don't know anybody using this lens, you need something much more wider like the 11-40L which anyway I only like it for wreck diving or annimals, for the rest of wide angle shots I prefer the fish eye lens. Anyway, if you still want to use it, I don't know what's the dome than you should use, but I think it would be a big dome to achieve the widest with no soft corners. And anyway you should check the focus distance for that 35mm, the lens must be capable to focus the virtual image done inside the dome, and if not check if you can achieve that with an extra diopter lens
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