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  1. If the lens is almost touching the dome you need an extension ring, you are lousing angle. The lens must be as far as posible of the dome without vigneting becasue of the chasis of the dome port.
  2. Well, in my opinion everything depends of how large is morey eel, thís pic was taken in the red sea with a Canon 50D and the Tokina 10-17. Obviously the morey eel was huge gran morena This one was taken in the mediterranean, normal size, about 1 meter long, with a Canon 50D and the Canon 100 mm macro morena y gamba There is no a correct lens to shot a critter, everything depends of what you want to do.
  3. Yes, you should get teh housing, the 5D mk II is still a great camera and a great housing, and you can buy the dome to Pete, very good seller and photographer. The ports are not discontinued, but the port chart doesn't show the port for the 35 mm cause it's a lens not very usefull underwater, I don't know anybody using this lens, you need something much more wider like the 11-40L which anyway I only like it for wreck diving or annimals, for the rest of wide angle shots I prefer the fish eye lens. Anyway, if you still want to use it, I don't know what's the dome than you should use, but I think it would be a big dome to achieve the widest with no soft corners. And anyway you should check the focus distance for that 35mm, the lens must be capable to focus the virtual image done inside the dome, and if not check if you can achieve that with an extra diopter lens
  4. I never use TTL neither in macro nor in wide angle. When I started with UW photography i found the TTL very usefull for macro shots, but right now I never use it. When you know your strobes you don't really need it and in my opinion they fail more shots than they really help. But I recognize that for those unexpected shots it can be helpfull. In wide angle TTL is in my opinion a waste of time, it never gave me a decent shot. The strobe always get confuse for the quantity of light surrounding due to the fish eye lens.
  5. Another option is to add an extension ring to your macro lens, you will loose infinit focus but you will win magnification without adding lenses. In fact this is a combination that I'm using since long time ago with very good results when I go for supermacro, and you can keep on adding macro wet lenses.
  6. There are more differences, I have just moved to a FF camera and I what I have find out is that I need tighter diaphragms to have definition on the corners and depth of field. And due to that you need more powerfull strobes. So it's a compromise. In my opinion if I coul crop the sensor in my camera I wouldn't do that. I prefer to use the TC for wide angle. It's really more challenging in terms of illumination and composition.
  7. Today we have go diving again, not bad at all, but still waiting for some gears to arrive for my new rig. I don't like the sharpness in the corners. I still need more stuff SVF21022021163 SVF21022021141
  8. Night dives in the sandy beaches of Ibiza, in the Mediterranean sea are always a surprise, you can find species that it's imposssible to see during the daylight, this is why I love that kind of diving. SVF13022021083
  9. Hi, I want to buy an Aquatica Port Extension Ring; 39.5mm / 1.56” ref: 48462. If anyone wants to sell, please,make your offer
  10. You don't need the turtle for that, there are quiet a lot of models to trigger the flash.
  11. I use to dive at night all fridays. I use one of those c-31 chinese dive torches at the minimun power mounted in my housing as a focul light. I use it as a primary, and as spare my strobes, the subtronic 160 pro fusion have a built in light with 2.000 lumen to make video. So I have light enouhgt. Two of my dive partners use the same light mounted on the top of the housing and at the same time they use a small dive torch with a very narrow beam attached to their left hand with a neopren made at the goodman handle style.
  12. In my opinion, the TTL converters don't worth the money. They're expensive, and when you get into the habit of shooting in manual you ain't going to miss it. They're only reliable (and not always) in macro shooting. When shooting wide-angle no one of them are good.
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